Our new Time+Tide Club X Erika’s Originals MN Strap is here, and it’s another absolute beauty, renew or join now Our new Time+Tide Club X Erika’s Originals MN Strap is here, and it’s another absolute beauty, renew or join now

Our new Time+Tide Club X Erika’s Originals MN Strap is here, and it’s another absolute beauty, renew or join now

Andrew McUtchen

As 2020 draws to a close, so does the first year of the existence of the Time+Tide Club, which means, joy of joys, it’s time to unveil our 2021 Club Strap! Look at this beautiful thing, another winner from Erika’s Originals, and this time in a refreshing shade of baby blue. The two-line design of an Erika’s Original strap remains exclusive to the Time+Tide Club. Always get a kick writing that, thanks Erika!

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In addition, Club members who renew for an annual fee of $129 AUD / $95 USD will also be the first to receive Issue #3 of NOW Magazine, which has some high-quality feature-length journalism by the team on subjects such as ‘Why Rolex is Out of Reach’, as well as interviews with rockstars Carl Cox and Matt Heafy from metal band Trivium, and a spot of myth-busting with none other than Jean-Claude Biver. It’s a thriving mix, rounded out by more than 200 of the best watches of the year, including prices. The magazine drops tomorrow. We’re excited about it!

OK, I’m ready to renew, let’s do this.

Some FAQs about the club, so you don’t have to ask ’em!

Why did we create a club and how much does it cost?

It costs $95 USD / $129 AUD / 75 EU. Why start a club is a good question, and I’ll keep the answer short, because there are quite a few reasons. Mainly, we wanted to create a connection and a community with the people with whom we have the most contact. We wanted loyalty to have its benefits. And we wanted a place for the most loyal in our wolf-pack to be recognised. The old Cheers thing of a regular seat at the bar – free drinks every now and again. First bite of the cherry when we release watches from time to time. Live and video conference event invitations. The good stuff. Also, Club Membership comes with a subscription to NOW Magazine, so you don’t have to worry about ordering that manually each time.

What’s in it for me?

A numbered club strap that sells for $125 AUD, a magazine that sells for $20 AUD, access to member-only events, access to a locked Club Instagram account, and a heads up about the odd rare or limited watch sale, which in 2020 included the sold-out Mido Decompression Diver, now selling well above retail. We are still finding our feet with the value we offer after a pretty tough year to get together in person, but given the value of the Club Inclusions, you’re practically making money by signing up.

Time+Tide Club Members were offered an exclusive pre-sale of the now long sold-out Mido Decompression Diver.

Can I buy the new Club Strap if I’m not a club member?

Yes, you can. First step is that you join the club, which you can do quickly here. The idea is that you get your numbered Club Strap when you join, and subsequent coloured straps as the years go on. Subsequent straps are NOT numbered. Once you join the Club and also purchase this strap here, we will include two magazines with your order. As well as our standard heartfelt thanks for being paid up and passionate.

Where is the value for International Members?

In addition to receiving higher value goods than the fee, a Club number just for you, plus digital access to Club places, we’re also working on an always-on discount in our shop that will apply to select, though a significant volume of, merchandise.

Is it true Time+Tide Club Members are more attractive and successful than non-members?

Yes, by all accounts, this bears out.

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