HANDS-ON: The Stowa Antea Back to Bauhaus


Stowa’s range of excellent value watches have been under-the-radar favourites amongst watch lovers for years, with their pilots and marine chronometer-style collections often having waiting lists of several months, as the small German brand doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. The past few years have seen the winds of change blowing through Stowa’s catalogue, and while their iconic favourites are still very much in evidence, the brand is busy releasing bold new designs and fresh interpretations on their classics. Watches like the Flieger Testaf and the Rana are prime examples of this new look, while the latest model to get a makeover is their popular Bauhaus beauty the Antea. The original Antea (which remains unchanged) is a super-German looking watch, all straight lines and hard angles. It’s a look commonly associated these days with Nomos, but while they may have popularised it, Stowa have an entirely legitimate history with the design; the current Antea looks very much like a Stowa watch from 1938. The Back to Bauhaus (AKA the b2b) version is a new spin on the traditional Antea. It’s offered in three sizes – 35.5mm, 36.5mm and 39mm – and six possible dial colours. Oh, and there are options with… Read More