Glycine is a storied brand with a strong aviation collection. They are particularly well known for their ‘Airman’ with its 24-hour display.

FOLLOWER REVIEW: Severino’s Glycine Airman 2000


Name: SeverinoWatch: Glycine Airman 2000 What’s the story behind your Glycine Airman? My eye was drawn to Glycine when I was travelling in Australia and saw a Glycine Airman SST. I had never seen a 24 hour watch face and thought the idea very attractive with the time zone function and the very elegant display caseback. That image of the watch stuck with me for a couple of years. Then I moved from Australia (Brisbane) to The Netherlands where I met a man called Simon – originally from Rhodesia (he still has the passport) and he was a watch fanatic. I mentioned the Glycine Airman to him and that was it – he insisted that I go to a watch fair to see what was available. The fair really blew me away, the wide range of watches, the care people took of them and the amazing knowledge people had about their watches. During that time I started to look at other watches, such as the classic Panerai, but I ended up returning to the Airman and focused on the 2000, which I still own today and use as my day to day watch. When – did you get this watch?… Read More