VINTAGE BY DEREK DIER: A first date with an Angelus


‘Firsts’ of any event are ingrained into our memory. Who doesn’t remember their first kiss, or the taste of a new flavour on the palate? As we age, time becomes even more fluid, seconds and minutes becoming increasingly less important compared to a lifetime of firsts and lasts, events and data. This is when we begin to feel that time truly does fly, even if our watch hands continue to tick at the same rate as ever. The golden Arabic numerals and pyramid shaped raised markers were thoughtfully planned. The sleek and elongated Feuille-style hands stretching across the dial are typical of the period, as are the graceful lugs with their handsome bisecting line, creating a visual flow to a watch that’s otherwise very mechanical in its looks. When Swiss watch company Angelus introduced the first mass production chronograph with a date feature in 1942, we were suddenly able to see time pass visually, click by click, as the days melted away. Using a simple arm and a red triangular pointer indicating the relevant date from those marked around the dial, the date instantly became more apparent – days passing, and days yet to come all visible right there on… Read More