Bursting onto the watch scene in 2012 the bright colours, bold shape and unusual time display make SevenFriday watches perfectly suited for fun.

REVIEW: Sevenfriday – Fun, Fad or Future Classic?


If you’re a; into watches and b; on instagram – the chances are we don’t need to introduce the horological phenomenon that is Sevenfriday. These brightly coloured, industrially styled watches burst into the watch world a little over a year ago and through a brilliant, and seemingly organic social media campaign. Based on the company philosophy that you should live everyday like it’s Friday (that’d be seven Friday’s in a week – get it?) it became an almost cult-like ritual for owners to share their watches. Especially on Friday. Another significant factor in the popularity of these watches is undoubtedly the price. Retailing in the vicinity of $AU 1200-1500 it wouldn’t be fair to say that these watches are impulse purchases, but they’re certainly more accessible than many luxury watches. And these watches have been clearly marketed to serious watch owners. Sevenfriday is the watch you wear on casual Friday, when you’re giving your Audemars Piguet the day off. But what about the watches themselves? I expected these bright and undeniably fun watches to have the same sort of plastic fantastic appeal as the Swatch watches I collected as a kid, so I was seriously surprised at the heft and… Read More