Hailing from Canberra, Erroyl are a young Australian brand making classically styled dress watches.

HANDS-ON: The Erroyl Regent Nero, a value-packed calendar that hits all the right notes


Editor’s Note: In our penultimate post on Australian watch brands, we take a look at Erroyl’s second watch, and discover that this one definitely isn’t suffering from second album syndrome. Around this time last year, Erroyl had only just launched its first model – the Heritage. In the subsequent 12 months, the fledgling brand has done very well in combining quality components and finishing with thoughtful design and wallet-friendly price. Its latest model is the Erroyl Regent, which has the more difficult task of meeting and exceeding those expectations that were forged with the Heritage. The first thing you notice about the Regent are its similarities to mid-century sports watches with ‘panda’ dials, particularly the early dual-subdial Heuer Autavia. Of course, the Erroyl is no chronograph, the  subdials instead displaying day and month, with the date on show at six. It’s a wonderfully classic design, its tuxedo styling cues instantly making this watch feel special on the wrist. With its highly polished 42mm case and loads of guilloché detailing, the Regent belies its sub-$600 price tag, punching well above its weight in almost every respect. Hidden behind the upmarket caseback is the Japanese Miyota 9122 triple-date automatic movement with 40-hour power reserve. It’s one of the higher-end… Read More

AUSTRALIAN WATCH WEEK: Meet the founders


All week we’ve been showcasing great watches from local brands.These watches are very different from the sometimes anonymous products produced in their thousands by the large Swiss brands. These watches are very much the result of an a personal vision. So we’re going to take a step back from the watches, meet the men behind the brands and find out what makes them tick. Todd Caldwell, Aegir Instruments The Pitch: We have an unalterable commitment to the highest quality product. The Price: $1750 – $1900. The Person: Todd is a commercial diver working mainly in bell bounce systems in the offshore oil and gas industry. Aegir Instruments was born as Todd whiled away the hours decompressing with little to do but stare at his watch (a Panerai), and think of how he could improve it. A few years and a serious accident later Todd decided to spend some time on dry land and make his watchmaking dreams a reality. Christophe Hoppe, Bausele The Pitch: Keep a piece of Australia with you. The Price: $490 – $4400. The Person: Swiss born Christophe moved to Australia in 2010, after many years working in the watch industry. Bausele was born out of his… Read More

HANDS-ON: The Erroyl E30 Heritage White


The Worn & Wound Take: As part of Australian Watch Week we’re asking watch microbrand specialists Worn & Wound for their off the cuff take on every watch we review: “A classically inspired dress watch with modern lines and a modest price tag… what’s not to like?” – Zach Weiss, Worn & Wound Now, Time+Tide has a strict editorial policy of being politically non-partisan, but we’re fairly safe in saying that nothing of any real worth or substance has come out of Canberra in recent years. Until now. Erroyl might just be the city’s saving grace. Erroyl are young, kickstarter-ing themselves into existence way back in December last year. Wes Knight, the man behind the brand has done a lot in a short time, offering three models in the signature heritage collection (plus a sexy blue dialled limited edition). I got my hands on the E30 Heritage in steel with a white dial, and of all the local watches we’re reviewing this week, the Erroyl turned out to be the biggest surprise. On paper (or screen to be more accurate), the E30 is a watch that looks familiar. Outside of the Rolex Submariner-esque dive watch variants, the most well-worn microbrand trope is that of the classic,… Read More