CT Scuderia

CT Scuderia is a young Italian brand producing distinctive bullhead chronographs that draw inspiration from the world of motorsports.

REVIEW: Hands on with the the CT Scuderia City Racer


One of the great things about globalisation is that it allows smaller, nimble brands like CT Scuderia to exist. CT Scuderia is the brainchild of Italian born Enrico Margariteli, an Italian watchmaker and sometime motorcycle racer. And the love of motorsports and an Italian sense of design are both very present in the brand’s DNA. The most distinctive thing about CT Scuderia is the case. All the models use a distinctive ‘Bullhead’ case design, where the crown is located at the top of the watch, rather than on the more traditional right hand side. This design has its origins in motorsport – back when chronographs were essential, functional tools for racing drivers. It was thought that by placing the chronograph pushers at the top of the dial it would make for easier operation while driving. So, given the automotive legacy of this case shape it’s appropriate that we’re looking at the CT Scuderia City Racer collection. This City Racer is quite a chunk of watch – 44mm across and almost 15mm high. This big, black and boldly shaped watch certainly makes an impression on the wrist. The best thing about this watch is the case. Even aside from the bullhead design… Read More