YEAR IN REVIEW 2017: Letter from the Editor YEAR IN REVIEW 2017: Letter from the Editor

YEAR IN REVIEW 2017: Letter from the Editor

Felix Scholz

I’m writing this, alone in the office on the last day of the year, with a whiskey and a mango on my desk (don’t ask), and it seems like the perfect time to look back on the year that was — savouring a brief, indulgent moment of reflection about 2017, before jumping, feet first into 2018.

And while there are a few routes I could follow down memory lane, for me it can all be neatly summed up in three numbers …

565: We’ve published 565 stories in the last year, which is (from where I’m sitting at least) quite a lot. Luckily, Andrew and I have had more help than ever this year. Andy Green has spent the year spotting things and telling us who to follow on Instagram. Sandra Lane and Melissa Pearce have joined the team, adding some pretty serious skillsets (and style). And finally, Cameron Wong has added his fresh perspective to the mix. And behind the bylines there’s an elite team who keep the wheels of Time+Tide smoothly rolling.

183: And while we published significantly more stories this year than any other, the real exponential leap has been in videos. We got onto YouTube in a big way this year, posting 183 videos, which have been quite the success (to put it mildly). Turns out that you guys like seeing what a watch looks like, on the wrist, in glorious HD.

20: And finally, we rounded off the year by joining the exciting world of e-commerce, selling 20 limited edition, enamel-dialled Seikos in less than 24 hours. Which is, I’ve got to say, pretty cool.

These three little (or not so little) numbers really do say a lot about what we’ve achieved in the last year. More watch talk, on more platforms and exciting new frontiers to explore in 2018. Personally, I can’t wait. See you next year.