What is About Effing Time, and why is Andrew a part of it? What is About Effing Time, and why is Andrew a part of it?

What is About Effing Time, and why is Andrew a part of it?

Zach Blass

About Effing Time is a new podcast slash beautifully filmed show about watches that just dropped a promo on our YouTube channel and our socials. You’ll also see it on Bark and Jack’s YouTube channel and socials, and long-time friend of T+T, George Bamford’s social media. It is hosted by our Andrew, Adrian Barker and George Bamford. The ‘fifth Beatle’ is Marcus Flack, Time+Tide’s long-time creative director, who was the director and camera operator on set.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have some questions about it.

You might assume I know exactly what’s up. The truth is, no, nope. We don’t run a clandestine, heavily siloed operation over here, and communication is usually a forte, but in what I can kindly say is totally Andrew fashion, he WhatsApped me from London and said he was doing more with George and Adrian. “It’s like that video from Watches & Wonders, just ten times longer.”

About a week ago, I was sent some clips from the series, so I can clear up straight off the bat that it’s for real, there’s something happening here that’s substantial. Beyond that lies mystery. I called Andrew for more information:

Zach: Firstly, this isn’t just a joke, right? The promo comes across like a setup….

Andrew: No, not a joke. We’ve filmed ten hours of episodes.

Zach: The podcast is called About Effing Time. Why did you and the guys decide now was the time to start this project?

Andrew: We met for the first time at Watches and Wonders. It’s hard to believe because I feel like I’ve known Adrian from day one of Bark & Jack. I have potent memories of him walking next to murky London rivers with wired headphones drinking take away coffees. We talked a few times back then, I knew he was going to hit. And, I’ve actually made a watch or two with George (the GMT1 and GMT2 collab models), after trying to be his mate for many lean years. When we were in the same place at the same time, at long last, it was just on. Marcus, our creative director was with us, and had his gear, so without really any pre-talk or discussion, we pressed record. The video we published that same day is one long take. No cuts whatsoever. A few foolish people in the comments dared us to do it again. That was really all we needed to clear a couple of days in our calendar in London.

Zach: When you guys spontaneously came together at Watches & Wonders for an impromptu video, I joked it was like the Avengers assembling. As three different personalities, what do each of you bring to the podcast table? What Avenger are each of you?

Andrew: Bamford is 100% Tony Stark – he’s forever taking stuff apart, he always has cool glasses, he has an INSANE London mothership in Mayfair, and he has a genius streak that is undeniable. Adrian is Bruce Banner most of the time, but at least once an episode he goes full Hulk, and it’s bloody glorious. It would be better if someone else said who I was, but I reckon the safe bet is Loki. I’m related to Thor (who’s Aussie), I’m a bit of a chameleon, and I really like getting in the way of these guys when they start rolling, causing mischief.

Zach: How often can listeners expect an episode? Each week? Month?

Andrew: Every two weeks.

Zach: Will videos of the podcast also be released each episode?

Andrew: Yes. It will be on YouTube and video enabled on Spotify. My advice is watch it. It will drive you crazy if you don’t, because we really aren’t pro enough to describe everything that’s happening on set. We made every rookie error here. Audio listeners may find themselves highly frustrated, apologies in advance.

Zach: I hate when a trailer gives the entire story away, so I love that the trailer is spoiler free. But, generally speaking, what kind of topics are the three of you tackling each episode?

Andrew: I’ll give you some sample episode themes: ‘The Unjustifiables – watches we want to buy, but can’t justify’. ‘Not on my watch – things we don’t like on / in / or related to watches’. ‘Rolex Therapy – holding hands and talking about our Rolex feelings’. Things like that. Each episode has a mission. We don’t fanny about, as George would say.

Zach: This is by no means the first watch-focused podcast. What do you think separates this podcast from all the other podcasts that have come before it?

Andrew: If you watched the video and liked the energy, you’ll like the show. Our entire face to face time as a trio has been caught on cameras. We’ve never met for anything but a shoot. And the first shoot was accidental and not set up. It’s just so weird, and so fun. Because the shoot was done in such a short period, it’s like I’m watching along like everybody else wondering what’s going to happen next. I have almost no memory of that time.