In-house movements – what are they and do they even matter?

Editor's note: Sandra wrote this lovely piece at the start of the year, and it speaks to one of the biggest movements (if you'll pardon the pun) in the watch industry over the last few decades – the rise of the in-house movement. I won't steal Sandra's thunder, but suffice to say it's worth a read.  If you're considering buying a new watch, one of the least important questions you should ask is: "Does it have an in-house movement?" To… Read More

Where rubber hits the road – 5 high-end rubber straps

There's a lot to like about a rubber strap — especially if you live somewhere hot, wet or humid. The natural material is exceptionally hard-wearing, and comfortable to boot. The only issue is that in the past there's been a perception that rubber is a strictly utilitarian affair and, as such, quality is of a lesser concern. The game has changed on that front, with brands like Hublot, Richard Mille and even Patek Philippe showing us what premium rubber looks… Read More

The ultimate watch glossary – the lowdown on watch buckles, clasps and all the rest

In the latest instalment of our glossary series (you can see all our educational style content here), we tackle one of the most overlooked (and most important) elements of a watch. The bit that attached it to your wrist – buckles and clasps in all their forms …  The tang buckle, also known as the pin or ardillon buckle   The most common type of buckle in the watch industry. The Tang/Pin/Ardillon buckle looks very much like a traditional belt… Read More

What you need to know before buying a vintage watch

There are many potential pitfalls you could encounter when buying a luxury watch. Especially if it's your first time. The desire to make a seasoned choice right off the bat is understandable, but it's important you don't put too much pressure on yourself to get it exactly right first time. In fact, making mistakes is part of the fun, and definitely part of the learning process. It certainly doesn't feel like a barrel of laughs when you make a purchase… Read More

To buy or not to buy – how to curate your watch collection

Collecting watches is a lot of fun. At least, it should be. If it ever stops being fun, I'd assume that's because you got into it for the wrong reasons (to make a quick buck, most likely). If you're about to take the plunge into this massively rewarding hobby, but you're doing so because you think it will make you rich, don't. If you started (or are about to start) collecting watches because you love them, welcome to the club…. Read More

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