Rapper Travis Scott’s watch collection is a masterclass in how to spend it when you got it Rapper Travis Scott’s watch collection is a masterclass in how to spend it when you got it

Rapper Travis Scott’s watch collection is a masterclass in how to spend it when you got it

Zach Blass

When you become a world famous recording artist, you stand to make a ton of money and inevitably acquire a drool-worthy collection of luxury goods. Of course, here at Time+Tide we are all about watches. Recently we have explored watches worn by Cardi B, Nick Jonas, Usher, and more, but for today’s session of celebrity watch-spotting we’re going to dig into some highlights within the watch collection of Travis Scott.

Travis Scott

Scott definitely has compiled some impressive timepieces from the usual suspects, as well as indulged in “bussing down” some of his pieces (against the wishes of purist enthusiasts and collectors), but here are the watches in his collection that he loves so much, as is, that they were left in the original factory configuration.

Richard Mille 07-03 MARSHMALLOW

Image: SuperWatchMan

The Richard Mille BonBon collection was definitely the talk of SIHH in 2019, with many thinking WTF and then lauding the undeniable fun factor of the 10-piece collection. According to a press release: “Richard Mille has turned to new coloured ceramic for this RM 07-03 bezel and back case: a lavender pink TZP ceramic associated with white ATZ ceramic. The caseband is made of gem-set 5N red gold with set pillars (pink sapphires, citrine and tsavorite stones). The dial is in grade 5 titanium and 5N red gold, hand enamelled.”

While it is an extremely playful watch some serious horological might and method was put into its manufacture and the rather trippy result totally matches the woozy psychedelic vibe of Travis Scott.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked


Travis Scott

The watch so nice he bought it (at least) thrice, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked is the epitome of what the brand can do in terms of case and movement engineering and finishing. Clearly Scott has an affinity for the reference, owning it in stealth black ceramic, frosted white gold and rose gold – which may have later been “bussed down” with diamonds. The star of the show is the caliber and its double balance wheel which improves the watch’s precision and stability. By incorporating two balance wheels and two hairsprings assembled on the same axis, the system is engineered to oscillate in perfect synchrony.

Travis Scott

Patek Philippe World Time ref. 5131G-001

Travis Scott

We recently saw at Phillips just how much the collecting world loves cloisonné enamel world timers from Patek Philippe. The watches are highly limited in production, and as a result tend to fetch a pretty penny at auction when they come up. The Patek Philippe World Time ref. 5131G-001 blends the best of modern and vintage, offering the coveted aesthetic in a modern 39.5mm white gold case. Here the reliable in-house World Time caliber 240 HU is paired with a cloisonné enamel map dial that harkens back to the coveted vintage world-time reference 1415.

Richard Mille RM-69 Erotic Tourbillon

Travis Scott
Image: GQ

Like the RM 07-03 Marshmallow, the RM 69 Manual Wind Erotic Tourbillon is another playful entry into his collection. The watch flips the script on erotic complication, opting for a textual take on the category versus the more common visual references. While a tourbillon is nothing to scoff at, the most interesting complication is its Oracle complication. The push-button at 8′ will actually cause the hour and minute hands to momentarily retract to allow the wearer to view the Oracle complication without obstruction. Then, by pressing a button at 10 o’clock the three panels will be engaged to randomly pair three erotic phrases.  If you need a conversation piece at a night club, this watch is as good as it can get.

Patek Philippe Celestial 6104

Travis Scott
Image: SuperWatchMan

Clearly Travis Scott respects dressier complicated Patek Philippe references. While you would assume a Nautilus would grace this list, Scott is more commonly spotted wearing the World Timer mentioned earlier as well as this Patek Philippe Celestial 6104. The 44mm rose gold case has a bezel set with diamonds throughout its circumference and its stunning dial continues the legacy of Patek Philippe’s astronomical complications.

Patek Philippe explains, “At any time, its owner may admire the exact configuration of the nocturnal sky in the northern hemisphere, with the apparent movement of the stars and the phases and orbit of the moon. Two skeletonized hands point to the hours and minutes of mean solar time. An Ellipse, deposited on the underside of the sapphire glass, frames the portion of the sky visible from Geneva and all other cities located at the same latitude.” Considering one of his more well-known albums is titled ASTROWORLD it makes sense the astronomical watch would catch his eye.

The astonishing thing is this is only a fraction of Travis Scott’s collection, which includes even more Richard Milles, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and Patek Philippe watches. Perhaps a part two will be in order…