VIDEO: Our favourite watches of SIHH 2018 – part 4, $30,000 and above 

Well, here we are. The ‘sky’s-the-limit’/‘mortgage-the-house’ level of watch. And if you’re going to drop that sort of coin on something that (you’d hope) tells the time, SIHH is the place to do it. There were some truly exceptional offerings at the top end of the table and – just quietly – we definitely picked the best six (Justin and Sandra were greedy and went with two each). Again, you’ll have to watch to see just what we went with,… Read More

VIDEO: Our favourite watches of SIHH 2018 – part 3, $20,000-30,000

With parts one and two of our SIHH video series receding into our proverbial rear-view mirror, it’s time to look to the future, and the future is looking, well, expensive. Today, we’re well and truly in the realm of serious horology. And, as with yesterday, we’re keen to avoid spoilers, so to find out what Andrew, Sandra and Justin would choose if they had a spare $20-30K in their pockets, hit play. I do think it’s only fair to warn… Read More

VIDEO: Our favourite watches of SIHH 2018 – part 2, $10,000-20,000

Yesterday, we ran through our picks of SIHH 2018 at the more accessible end of the spectrum, bearing in mind that the HH in SIHH stands for ‘High Horology’. Today, we kick it up a notch, looking at watches that come in between $10-$20k. There are a lot of meaty options in this price point, something that’s reflected in the fairly diverse opinions of Sandra, Andrew, Justin and myself – as we’ve picked out simple, time-only pieces as well as some… Read More

VIDEO: Our favourite watches of SIHH 2018 – part 1, under $10,000

In the midst of the hectic schedules and bustling halls of SIHH, Andrew and myself, along with freelancers Sandra Lane and Justin Mastine-Frost, found a spare hour to sit down in front of the steady lens of Marcus’ camera to discuss our favourite watch of SIHH — while they were fresh. But rather than just cherry-pick the (many) exceptional watches on offer, we opted to make things a bit trickier by breaking the watches down by price. So, in part one… Read More

VIDEO: The best Montblanc watches of SIHH 2018

The more distance and time I’ve had to reflect on SIHH 2018, the more I’m inclined to think that the calibre of the exhibiting collections was – overall – very high. The very top end of town was well represented but of more interest to me (and I suspect a lot of you reading this), the offerings at the less stratospheric price points were plentiful, interesting and attractive. Case in point – Montblanc. Montblanc’s hero collections were the greatly expanded and… Read More