VIDEO: 10 things you’ve always wanted to know about Grand Seiko, but were too afraid to ask …

I’m sure everyone reading this has, at some point, felt that feeling of utter bewilderment of being in a conversation about watches. The level of technical jargon, slang and verbal shorthand can be confusing at best and exclusionary at worst — it can feel like a club with its very own secret language. And the hardest thing is that the language changes with every brand. Take Grand Seiko, for instance — you have to get your head around reference numbers, specific… Read More

VIDEO: The Tissot Swissmatic – a great entry into the world of mechanical watches

This video is all about value. Not only do you get two watch reviews (we’re covering Tissot’s dressy Everytime Swissmatic as well as the sportier V8 Swissmatic), but both watches represent a solid value proposition. The style of these two watches is a pretty by-the-book interpretation of daily dress/sport, depending on which flavour you plumb for, but the Swissmatic movements are something else. Based on the revolutionary Sistem51 from Swatch, the Swissmatics share the same fundamental specs and architecture, but… Read More

VIDEO: The detail in the deep blue dial – Seiko’s Shippo Enamel SPB073

Often the best watches are those that come with a story attached. Sometimes that story can be attached to momentous events or achievements the watch is associated with, or the accomplishments of those who wore it. It can also be a story of how it’s made and who it’s made by. Such is the case with Seiko’s latest additions to their Presage collection — the limited edition Shippo Enamel watches. The form of these watches will be familiar to those… Read More

VIDEO: Is the Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 the best-value diver of 2018? 

This is such a great watch. Honestly. I can’t think of many (if any) Swiss-made watches that offer such a punchy package for this sort of price. Not only do you get the impressive Powermatic 80 movement (more than three days of power reserve rocks) in a good-looking, well-made 300m diver, you get nice little features like the gradient dial and ceramic bezel. So much win. On top of that, it fits great on the wrist: 43mm is big, but… Read More

VIDEO: Hang on, Omega have put century-old movements in ‘new’ watches, and you can actually buy them?

It started with a conversation. Two guys shooting the breeze. One of them, the Omega Museum Director, Petros Protopapas; the other, a publisher of content about watches — me. We were in Sydney, at the launch of the Australian flagship boutique in Martin Place, which is incidentally the largest Omega boutique in the world. I remember it was a beautiful summer’s day that was on the verge of becoming a midsummer night’s dream, starring Cindy Crawford and a harbourside mansion…. Read More

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