VIDEO: The Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Dual Time reflects the brand’s globetrotting spirit


Everyone knows Louis Vuitton, as one of the most prominent luxury brands in the world, who’ve been given a stratospheric boost of street cool by their design director, Virgil Abloh. But the question of the day is do their watches have genuine credibility? The answer to that question is a loud “yes”.

Any scepticism should be overturned by learning about Le Fabrique Du Temps, LV’s dedicated watch manufacture in Switzerland that opened in 2013. This state of the art complex is a bold statement of intent filled up with headhunted engineers and artisans. And it’s resulted in several of LV’s watches earning the Geneva Seal, a rarefied standard of Swiss watchmaking reserved for the best of the best

Today, Louis Vuitton may be everywhere with their conspicuously printed handbags and wallets. But historically this was a brand for those who travelled in style, taking large suitcases and trunks on their jet-setting adventures. The Tambour Moon Dual Time is a watch that ties into this globetrotting spirit.  Watch the video to find out more.