GENEVA WIND DOWN: The first watch fair of the year is done, and our team is cooked, with the best dishes still to be served

Andrew McUtchen

It’s Friday afternoon in Australia, and while the Time+Tide team has all departed Geneva and returned to Amsterdam (good morning Marcus), France (rise and shine, Elise), London (top o’ the mornin, Mike) and New York (nigh nigh Zach) – I can tell you one thing without having to ask them: they are all, each and every one of them, thoroughly cooked.

And, to continue the culinary analogy, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from what feels like a lifetime of watch fairs, it’s that you don’t serve every dish you make during the week when it comes to content created. It’s absolutely fine, wise even, to let some dishes rest. To let some thoughts steep. And to let all the feelings that have been aroused, marinate awhile.

This is just to say that while the first watch fair of the year is over, I can assure you, the content is not. We have months of it to come. That being said, I did want to save something special for the Wind Down. What could be more appropriate to cap a week of exploration and new experiences for new mates Zach and Mike, than footage from their last dispatch? Make sure to watch to the end. You will get the thorough impression that it was hard to say goodbye, and the only proper place for that sad parting, was a ferris wheel.

In the video they discover and discuss Breitling’s most compelling watches in years – either “salmon and wasabi”, or “copper and pistachio” depending on your palate – as well as their new Top Time novelties. And they finally have the chance to put OUR watch on their wrists: the Time+Tide x Doxa SUB 600T ‘pacific’ Limited Edition. Also, an enchanting green dial oddity from Gerald Charles and some value-driven offerings from Louis Erard with exotic dials you never see at this price point.

Lots to watch here, so you know what, I’m going to get out of the way. I hope you’ll forgive me for stepping away from Zach’s brilliant new Friday Wind Down format with all its snackable goodness. Because, really, what I wanted to say, more than anything else in this important weekly tradition of the Wind Down is how damn lucky we are to have the team we do – that work their arses off in the heat of the kitchen of a watch fair, and how consistently delicious their creations are as they appear at the pass, day after day.

I hope you continue to enjoy it all as much as I do.

Have a most excellent weekend,