VIDEO: Blue steel – a closer look at the TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph

One of the big hero releases from Baselworld 2019 was the brand new TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph. Firstly (and perhaps most importantly), it’s a good-looking watch — it looks very much at home on the wrist of Mr Patrick Dempsey, for example. It’s a neat, stylish three-hander that TAG Heuer are billing as a modern adventurer’s watch, leaning on the Autavia’s golden age of motorsports heritage. The dials are on trend — the smoky blue looks good in contrast to… Read More

VIDEO: Which TAG Heuer Carrera is right for you?

If you head on over to the TAG Heuer website and click on the Carrera collection, you will see a lot of watches (in Australia there are more than 200 individual models on offer). To say you’re spoiled for choice is an understatement. If you delve a little deeper, you’ll quickly discover that while these TAG Heuer Carreras all have the same family name, there’s some serious diversity going on in the looks department. From large modern sports pieces to… Read More

VIDEO: A closer look at the Seiko Prospex LX SNR029J

One of the bigger surprises of Basel was Seiko’s announcement of their high-end Prospex LX collection — big, chunky sports watches that feature a level of fit and finish we’ve seldom seen on a Seiko-labelled watch.  And while the initial collection was a drop of six models, the one that we were most interested in, and — I suspect — the most crowd-pleasing number is the SNR029J1, a straight-up-and-down diver — inspired, to no small degree, by the classic Marinemaster… Read More

VIDEO: This is what a heritage reissue should look like – the Seiko SLA033

Few things excite Seiko fans as much as a solid historical reissue (or re-creation in Seiko’s parlance), and this year’s limited edition, the SLA033, is about as exciting as they come.  First of all, it’s based on a diver. Indeed, for many of the Seiko cognoscenti, it’s based on the diver, the 6105, a watch that — thanks to its reliability and corresponding popularity with American servicemen involved in the Vietnam War — contributed to growing the popularity of the Japanese… Read More

VIDEO: Our top 3 watches of Basel 2019 from $35,000 and up – featuring Patek, De Bethune and Hublot

I don’t know about you, but when the price point of a timepiece starts to creep beyond the realms of the everyday, things like price points start to get a little abstract. And, let’s be real here — for most people (though perhaps not most people reading this), watches with a sticker price north of $35,000 are definitely not an everyday proposition. But Baselworld is something of a fantasy land, so we thought it only right and proper to indulge… Read More

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