VIDEO: "Our planet is the most precious gem we have." Bulgari CEO adds his voice – and a $50K watch – to our bushfire appeal auction

There was not a moment's hesitation. Jean-Christophe Babin, the CEO of Bulgari, and I were standing on a pool deck at a villa in Dubai. Within sight, an emerald green ocean. Swaying palm trees. Skies of blue. A world away from the scene I had left, when I'd jumped on an Emirates flight 24 hours before. Choking smoke in Melbourne. People wearing gas masks as they boarded the plane. Fires in Victoria you could see from 30,000 feet as we… Read More

VIDEO: The History of Chopard L.U.C watchmaking

Chopard have been an important firm in the Swiss luxury landscape since they were founded in 1860, but they weren't always the house of haute horology that they are today. It wasn't until just over a quarter of a century ago, in 1993, when Karl-Friedrich Scheufele made the decision to refocus the brand's energies into the art of watchmaking, and only thee years later marked an important year in the history of Chopard L.U.C as they launched their first in-house… Read More

VIDEO: The beautifully brown Seiko Presage SRPD36J1 and SSA392J1

There are myriad impressive things about Seiko's Presage collection. But if we had to single out one overriding thing that the Japanese watchmaker's dress watches do better than almost anyone else, rather predictably, it would be their dials. Pound for pound, the Presage dress watches and their rapturous range of dials represent amazing value for money. It's not just the design that marks these dials out as instant winners either, it's the finishing, intricacy and attention to detail. These two… Read More

VIDEO: A week on the wrist with the Apple Watch Series 5

There have only ever been three smart watch reviews in the three thousand review history of Time+Tide. Which makes this review special. The reason we wanted to get our hands on one of the latest Apple Watch Series 5 models was the host of new features, including some new and luxurious materials, many of which approximate the luxury watch world we live in – full ceramic? Full titanium? Don't mind if we do. After spending some time with it on… Read More

VIDEO: Size isn't everything with the Rado Captain Cook Automatic

Ever since its shock unveiling at Baselworld 2017, Rado's exciting range of Captain Cooks has represented a compelling proposition for anyone who's in the market for a solid, fit-for-purpose dive watch on a budget. However, most of the collection is on the larger size, measuring in at a fashionable and contemporary 42mm. Fans fond of the original Captain Cook, which was first unveiled in 1962, shouldn't fear however, because those who are after a smaller and more faithful reinterpretation of… Read More

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