VIDEO: The TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf 2018 Special Edition – an icon on the wrist

There’s more to a watch than how it feels and looks on the wrist. Some watches carry a weight greater than what you can measure in grams — they also bear the weight of decades of heritage and sociocultural significance. The Monaco — a true icon of the industry — is one such watch. It’s even more true when that Monaco has a Gulf dial. Those stripes, on that dial, add up to a double hit of Steve McQueen iconography…. Read More

VIDEO: Omega bring the value with the updated Seamaster Professional 300M

Twenty-five years is a milestone worth celebrating, so Omega have pulled out all the stops with their latest upgrade of the Seamaster Professional 300M, AKA the Seamaster Professional, AKA the SMP. The SMP is a fairly iconic watch, largely down to its prominent placement on the wrist of Bond (James Bond). Omega have made a host of small but sweeping cosmetic changes, from the bezel, to the dial (hello wave pattern), to the bracelet (thinner) and the case (slightly larger)…. Read More

VIDEO: Disassembling a Hublot Unico GMT to see how it works

When it comes to GMTs, you’d be hard pressed to find one as user friendly and as easily operable as the Hublot  Unico GMT. As part of our mini-series, exploring some unique Hublot takes on complications, we asked the Head of the High Complication department Emmanuel Missillier how it works? The answer involves some intricate wiring, replacing one chronograph module with a GMT plate and a day / night indicator that makes this one of the most legible and simple-to-read… Read More

VIDEO: What is actually unique about a Hublot Unico movement?

When you name something ‘Unico’, it’s only fair that people ask what is unique about it. At least this was my logic when confronted with an uncased Hublot Unico movement at the manufacture, on a visit that took place after SIHH in January this year. The head of Hublot’s High Complication Department, Emmanuel Missillier, was happy to oblige in providing more detail about the movement, picking three of its defining characteristics. I went in with some basic knowledge. I knew… Read More

VIDEO: 5 winning Bulgaris from Baselworld 2018

While I know Bulgari released a full suite of new models at Baselworld 2018 — including a nice new Lucea and variants on the Octo Roma — really, it was all about their geometric critical hit, the Octo. And while we didn’t exactly see the Octo come in new shapes and sizes (it’s still very square), we did see it come in a genuinely interesting new mix of case finishes and complications. Take, for example, the new carbon minute repeater, giving the… Read More

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