VIDEO: The Grand Seiko SBGW264 reinforces the brand’s bid to become the king of dials VIDEO: The Grand Seiko SBGW264 reinforces the brand’s bid to become the king of dials

VIDEO: The Grand Seiko SBGW264 reinforces the brand’s bid to become the king of dials

Zach Blass

Grand Seiko never disappoints with their novelties. Some creations may not be for your taste or budget, but it is very rare (if ever) you fail to appreciate the supreme value in their timepieces. Gorgeous Zaratsu finishes, colourful and nature-inspired dials, tasty textures throughout – the brand’s grammar of design is a winning formula for sure. While they’ve set the bar high over the years, each new release seems determined to maintain their devout following. Most of their watches are made from either stainless-steel or titanium, but that doesn’t mean they are a stranger to precious metals. The Grand Seiko SBGW264 is not only encased in incredibly well-polished rose gold, it’s outfitted with a green dial that is nothing short of mesmerising. Before anyone accuses me of drinking the Kool-Aid, let me be very clear: I wouldn’t say any of this if I didn’t mean it.

The manually wound SBGW264 utilises a rounded 39mm case and lugs finished with a distortion-free polish. This is already an intricate process on the more defined and sharp geometries within the catalogue, but it becomes a bit more complex to execute on a slightly more curved surface. Grand Seiko, however, is always up for a challenge and manages to retain the perfect reflection on its more curvaceous case profile. The case-band has a rich satin brush, maintaining the contrasting finishes to create the harmonious light and shadow dynamic that Grand Seiko is known for.

Grand Seiko SBGW264

The showstopper here is the incredibly textured and coloured green dial. The guilloche has infinte depths to its concentric pattern. As the tiles, so to speak, get more narrow and increase in quantity to make a ring around the dial, it is almost as if the guilloche is getting sucked into a black hole – the closer you get to its centre, the closer the texture is to the green event-horizon.

Grand Seiko SBGW264

According to Grand Seiko, “The dial pattern takes the imagination to the forest of silver birch trees near the studio where the watch is made. As the viewing angle changes, the dial shimmers in green and white, just as do the trees when summer sunlight catches the leaves and the white bark of their trunks and dapples the forest floor.”

For me, at first glance, the dial actually reminded me of Star Wars – but you’ll have to watch the video or refer to my hands-on review to find out why.

Grand Seiko SBGW264

Grand Seiko SBGW264 pricing and availability:

The Grand Seiko SBGW264 is a limited edition of 120 pcs. and is available through Grand Seiko and authorised dealers worldwide. Price: $24,000 USD / $36,000 AUD.