How high is the Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink secondary market premium? How high is the Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink secondary market premium?

How high is the Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink secondary market premium?

Zach Blass

The Hans Wilsdorf Foundation is known for having its watches go for insane premiums on the secondary market with Rolex. Whether ‘Celebration Dial’ Oyster Perpetuals, or Le Mans Daytonas, these vast premiums can be hard to swallow. Now Rolex’s younger sibling, Tudor, is no stranger to value retention, especially in the wake of popular launches where supply has yet to catch up to demand. But with the recent reveal of the Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink, we now have a new model with possibly the highest premium on the secondary market for a modern Tudor. The question is – just how high?

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What makes the Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink special? Well, it is the first Black Bay Chrono to be available on a five-link bracelet with a T-Fit micro-adjustment clasp. Second, and most obvious, it has a rare-for-Tudor pink dial. Last, and most impactful, is the fact the phrasing surrounding the availability of the watch was described as “with a small number of examples to be produced” by Tudor. Rarity, of course, is the accelerant for any watch to carry a high premium and be ripe for flipping.


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Launched nearly two months ago, the billed-scarce Black Bay Chrono Pink has already hit the secondary market – which is rather sad considering we would hope those lucky with allocations would want to keep the watch. Clearly, Tudor is not immune to flipping by the buyers when the moment is right. Watch Analytics recently shared the news that the Black Bay Chrono Pink, in euros, carries a premium that equates to six times over retail (US$5,650, €5,680). But, as the caveat in the fine print of their image, this is a first-offer price that reflects a listing rather than a completed sale. So, it was a bit preemptive on their part with this post.


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What Watch Analytics’ post neglects is that, a day prior, WristCheck (a Hong Kong-based watch-buying platform) shared the news they had completed the sale of a Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink for US$12,300. This, of course, makes the 6.1x premium (€34,500) showcased in Watch Analytics’ post and the 8.85x premium (US$49,999) in the sole listing on Chrono24 seem absolutely ridiculous. As you are hopefully aware, Chrono24, while abundant with listing data, notoriously offers an inflated view of the worth of any given watch due to the ambitious pricing set by vendors. Again, reflective of a first-offer price a seller hopes to get but, in reality, has yet to receive a buyer and likely will not.

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So, working off of a known, completed, secondary market sale of this watch, it would appear the “true” premium is in fact around two times over retail. I suspect that, prior to the introduction of this ambiguously limited Black Bay Chrono Pink and excluding special commissioned co-branded pieces such as Ed Sheeran’s Black Bay Heritage created for his tour crew, the previous secondary market champion for modern Tudor was the Black Bay Chrono Dark. This is a limited-edition, all-black take on its chronograph where the production is limited to the number of players to have ever played for the All Black rugby team. At the time of its introduction in 2019, there were 1,181 players total for the All Blacks, and therefore 1,181 watches made. Where the number sits now I do not have an exact count. But, years later we can currently see listings for the Chrono Dark set anywhere between US$6,000 and US$12,000 – and I think we all know which side of the spectrum it is more likely to sell at.

With the Black Bay Chrono Pink, as I mentioned, we are just two months in and we only have one completed sale to our knowledge that hardly offers enough data to significantly proclaim an exact premium. What we are left wondering is: as more of these Chrono Pinks hit retail, and inevitably the secondary market, how much will these watches sell for over time? What will a Chrono Pink sell for in a few years, rather than within a few months, and still within the wake of its launch hype. Only time will tell.

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink pricing and availability

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink 5

The Tudor Black Bay Chrono Pink is ambiguously available now, with “only a small number of examples [to] be produced.” Price: US$5,650

Brand Tudor
Model Black Bay Chrono Pink
Case Dimensions 41mm (D) x 14.2mm (T) x 49.9mm (LTL)
Case Material Stainless steel
Water Resistance 200 metres (screw-down crown)
Crystal Domed sapphire crystal
Dial Pink with black counters
Strap Five-link stainless steel bracelet, T-Fit rapid adjustment clasp
Movement MT5813, Kenissi-made, automatic, COSC-certified
Power Reserve 70 hours
Functions Hours, minutes, small seconds, date, chronograph
Availability Now
Price US$5,650