Want to talk watches with us? Join the Time+Tide Clubhouse Club, kicking off this weekend! Want to talk watches with us? Join the Time+Tide Clubhouse Club, kicking off this weekend!

Want to talk watches with us? Join the Time+Tide Clubhouse Club, kicking off this weekend!

Zach Blass

Clubhouse has become a wonderful platform for watch lovers of all genders, ages, and levels of knowledge to come together and talk all things timepieces. Though distanced by geography and circumstance, Clubhouse is allowing us to connect in a manner never truly available before. If you’re not familiar with the app, I previously put together an overview on what it is and what Clubhouse means for the watch the community – so definitely give that a read for the full scoop. For the Time+Tide team, our valued readers are priority number one and we could not pass on the opportunity to be able to engage with you all each week. This is why we proudly announce our Clubhouse Time+Tide Club and our first weekly recurring room: “The Breakfast Club”.


What is “The Breakfast Club”?


The Breakfast Club name is a cheeky reference to the fact that, while I may be based in New York City, USA, our HQ is in Melbourne, Australia. Therefore while I may be hosting the room every Fridays at 5pm EST, in Australia it will be Saturday morning at 9AM AEDT. I promise the room is not about John Hughes films or what comprises your favorite brekky, each week we will tackle a topic relating to watch culture. Each week we will announce a different subject of discussion, and over time may circle back to some topics to see what has changed or evolved since we last broached it.

What did you miss last week?


Our inaugural room last week revolved around the question “What is your next watch and why?”. For over an hour the room shared their pursuits of some very intriguing timepieces, all of varying complications and price points, and it was amazing to hear all the aspects and motives of each individual’s current watch hunt.

Five highlights include:

  • Locking down a Grand Seiko SLGH005 “White Birch” or future 9SA5 production model.
  • A Rolex Datejust 41 at retail to celebrate their 25th work anniversary.
  • Deciding between a Vacheron Constantin Overseas 41mm blue dial or an A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus in stainless steel.
  • A Louis Erard x Vianney Halter collaboration inspiring someone to want to track down a regulator dial watch that works best for their wrist and collection.
  • Finding a way to fund a Gronefeld Principa without selling a kidney.

It was great to hear everyone’s inner enthusiast monologue, and everyone got a much better understanding of what triggers the hunt for the next watch and why. It was also nice to see participants chasing after all sorts of brands at varying price points and levels of prestige.

Stay tuned for a post tomorrow on what we will cover in our second meeting this week!

How to join the Time+Tide Clubhouse Club


To join our Time+Tide Club on Clubhouse, search for the Time+Tide Club via the search functionality (be sure to switch the tab from “people” to “clubs”). Once you follow the club, we will be able to quickly shoot you an invite to be a member.

If you have not received an invite to join the Clubhouse platform, please feel free to direct message us @timetidewatches on Instagram for invite requests (invites are not unlimited and will be distributed as they become available to the Time+Tide team, we appreciate your patience).

Also be sure to follow us individually @zachblass, @andrew_mcutchen, and @thorsvaboe.