The Watches and Wonders Wind Down Social Diary (to cool all our heads after so much news) The Watches and Wonders Wind Down Social Diary (to cool all our heads after so much news)

The Watches and Wonders Wind Down Social Diary (to cool all our heads after so much news)


We know, we know, this is meant to be a Friday thing. Blame it on the jetlag, but this week we have a special Wind Down for you all – one with a firm view that pictures speak as loudly as words after a few weeks as big as these.

Now, you might assume a watch fair recap of sorts would be packed with rundowns on watches, but this is not that moment. Trust me, we have plenty of footage to unpack over the coming weeks, where, after some digestion, we will give you our in-depth thoughts on the novelties introduced at Watches & Wonders Geneva 2022. Being the first in-person Watches & Wonders Geneva, we were, of course, able to get “in the metal” with some really cool stuff, but, equally as important, we were able to finally connect with the people who make it all possible.

Watches and Wonders 2022, behind the scenes team gallery

The T+T team get together for our first appointment – Grand Seiko! And what a way to start, taking in the ‘Kodo’ Constant Force Tourbillon in the real.

The beauty of such an international event is that we not only get to see great product and our fellow members of the industry, but also our own teammates. Watches & Wonders Geneva 2022 marked the first time our team was all together in one place. And this was the first meeting!

Shots of tequila materialised out of nowhere at a Chopard appointment, and were quickly dispatched

Naturally it was business meets bro-fest, as we were all overjoyed to be together after so long. But it was certainly business first, putting in 15-hour days to bring you guys the content you expect and deserve. So, at the end of the day, when we were basically the only journos left in the Palexpo, any moment we could responsibly celebrate our days work together we took it – notably with a shot of tequila courtesy of Chopard after documenting their very striking novelties.

So smooth a tequila, in fact, you bet your bottom we took a picture of the bottle.

So many Zachs, so many ‘ands’. Time+Tide and Worn & Wound hug it out in the press longe.

But back to what is more important, the people. We had an atomic level Zach-attack when we ran into some of the team from Worn & Wound, with Ricardo and Andrew sandwiching the trio – your Deputy Editor Zach Blass, and Zach Kazan and Zach Weiss from Worn & Wound (left to right). How much Zach is enough? We’re still going…

Andrew McUtchen, Kurt Klaus and his wife Martha Rüesch

With such a behemoth of a fair underway, the G.O.A.T.’s come out to play. Here Andrew is pictured with none other than legendary watchmaker Kurt Klaus, whose ingenuous perpetual calendar system for IWC redefined the user-friendliness of such a high-complications for buyers worldwide. Mr Klaus is never spotted far from his sweetheart, and longtime wife Martha Rüesch. Andrew is lucky to have met the pair several times and never misses a chance for a smiley happy snap.

It’s the guy! With the hands! And the voice! Andrew McUtchen meets Watchfinder’s Andrew Morgan.

Usually it is about putting a face to the name, but in this instance it is all about connecting a face to a voice, and an overly expressive pair of hands. Our Andrew could not resist taking a selfie with another Andrew, who you will certainly recognise as the sultry voice behind the always compelling content from Watchfinder & Co. The Morgan Freeman of our industry? Not too big a stretch.

@ladieswrist and @timepeacelove – together again

From Clubhouse to the Palexpo, Jeremy had to stop to take a selfie with Leslie (@ladieswrist) from Vacheron Constantin after salivating over the brand’s newly debuting 222 revival.

Former media pal and now Oris team-member, Josh Shanks and Andrew share a Holstein brew and a smile

Reuniting with Josh Shanks, formerly of Watchonista and now bringing his talents to the team at Oris as their Director of Marketing & Communications North America, was an absolute blast. The Oris ProPilot X caliber 400 collection was certainly a highlight of the fair, but we would be remiss if we didn’t shout out the amazing Holstëin red ales we shared in the booth with him and the Oris team.

Jeremy and Israh flex their Oris game

Of course, during the Oris festivities Jeremy and Israh (Director of Sales & Marketing Oris UK) had to flex their own Oris watches for a quick wrist-shot.

Thanks for the invite to your pad, @elepitch !

The show rolled on offsite, with Andrew hanging at the homey Geneva apartment of Eleonor Picciotto (Mrs. Rake Ambassador and founder of the Eye of Jewellry) with Malaika Crawford (High Snobiety), Benjamin Comar (CEO of Piaget), and Laurens De Rijke (of De Rijke Watches).

Just fondue it! Mid-fair break with friends from the industry

If you make your way to Geneva, it is a sin not to just fondue it, at least once. So, we had the pleasure of hosting a fondue night with many of our friends in the industry to swap stories, stop fake-smiling and inevitably share our thoughts on MoonSwatch mania that still had most in the room well shook.

And, in the end it’s true that we’re all looking for someone who looks at us the way Andrew looks at Romain Marietta (Products Development & Heritage Director of Zenith Watches).
What would a meetup of watch-loving individuals be without the dynamic duo Adam Craniotes and Kathleen McGivney of RedBar. Never a dull moment with this duo.
Jeremy flexing the IWC Pilot’s Chronograph he was wrist-modeling alongside IWC peeps Deborah (@iwcgirl) and Nico (@nicostimetravel).


Of course, there were plenty more people we encountered during our time in Geneva, the Hodinkee team, Brynn Wallner a.ka. Dimepiece, Max Büsser, JJ and fellow Aussie Liam from Watchonista, and oh so many more. But, for the sake of time we are going to cap our little social diary here. Just know, to anyone we had the pleasure of saying hello to, or to those reading this, you only have to look at the card in my hand to know what we think of you.

Hope you all have enjoyed our Watches & Wonders coverage as much as we had fun putting it together for you.

Wishing you all a wonderful start to next week,

The Time+Tide Team

Watches & Wonders Geneva 2022 Time+Tide playlist

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