The watch starter kit for NFL rookies – three watches for $32,000 The watch starter kit for NFL rookies – three watches for $32,000

The watch starter kit for NFL rookies – three watches for $32,000

Ricardo Sime

We’re a little bit over a week away from the start of the National Football League season, where 259 rookies will try to prove they belong among hundreds of hardened veterans. On the field, speed, agility and endurance will be the weapons of the day. Off of it, they battle the many potential perils of rookie life. “New” family. “New” friends. Taxes. With so much going on, the last thing on their minds is the watch they have on their wrist.

Well, that’s where we come in. Here is a list of three watches that would be the perfect starting point for any player who has no clue where to begin but wants to.

The Obvious Choice


A Rolex. Yes, I know what you’re going to say. “That’s such an obvious choice.” “You should be more creative.” “ Stop being lazy.” To which I would reply “Yes, it’s the obvious choice. For good reason.” No other brand represents new found success and the accomplishment of one’s goals than a Rolex. Furthermore, it presents a safe bet for someone who isn’t quite sure if they’ve been bitten by the watch bug.

Of the current Rolex lineup, there is not better starting point than the Datejust; with a fluted bezel and on a jubilee bracelet. This specific reference (126334) comes in at 41mm and is a mixture of oyster steel and white gold. The overall design here is muted with the grey dial, which allows for absolute peak versatility for day to day use. Add to that the 100 metres of water resistance and there will rarely be a moment where this watch wouldn’t work.

Work Hard, Play Harder???

When you’re not being pounded by middle linebackers or suffering from the results of passes down the middle of the field, a cool ocean breeze or a pool can present an escape that eases the aches and pains of competition. Your companion on such outings, other than that lovely lady in your life, should be the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 43.5mm.

Robust, legible and packing an amazing piece of mechanical tech, the Planet Ocean is Omega’s quintessential dive watch. At 43.5 mm, it should feel at home on the average NFL Player’s wrist, which I’ll take a wild guess and say is a bit on the larger size. And should you ever get tired of the bracelet the watch comes on, Omega offers dozens of straps that you can toss on this thing to match your vibe.

A Bit Of Gold

There is just something about a gold watch. The lustre and weight of the metal is beautiful and reassuring on the wrist. When done tastefully, it can become the cornerstone piece of any collection. And when used on a dress watch, it’s absolute class. That is why, to round out the trio, I highly suggest the JLC Reverso Classic Monoface in Pink Gold, (Reference 2542540).

The Reverso represents classic watchmaking and is a great choice for any potential red carpets, dinners or suit and tie affairs. At a size of 40.1mm x 24.4mm, the watch should wear well on the wrist. However, one must note that unlike the previous choices, this watch is manual wound and requires the owner to wind the crown every 38 hours to keep the watch going. As to the “Reverso” name, it comes from the ability of the watch face to be spun around and protected from external forces.

I know that some of you may have read this and questioned the seriousness of what’s being discussed. At the end of the day, the purpose of this article is to provide a bit of guidance to a group of young men, many of which will suddenly have an abundance of money at their fingertips, while probably having no real financial education. This trio of watches comes in at a cost just below $32,000 USD and provides a low amount of risk when compared to some of the other options out there. These three watches also establish a great foundation for someone who may eventually find themselves in love with the hobby of collecting. After all, they’re going to have to spend all that money on something.