The mind-blowing majesty of the Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Dual Moon Grand Complication The mind-blowing majesty of the Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Dual Moon Grand Complication

The mind-blowing majesty of the Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Dual Moon Grand Complication

D.C. Hannay
  • Vacheron Constantin drops an incredible one-of-one reference from its Les Cabinotiers collection for Watches & Wonders 2023
  • The Les Cabinotiers Dual Moon Grand Complication is a two-dialled expression of the pinnacle of Vacheron’s craft
  • No less than 774 components make up the elaborate movement that boasts 11 complications

It’s hard to overstate the level of craft that goes into a timepiece from Vacheron Constantin’s Les Cabinotiers workshop. There are plenty of examples of fully handcrafted Swiss timepieces available to the deep-pocketed collector in the world of watchmaking, but once you see what VC is capable of, it becomes clear that this is another echelon. It’s as if the “average” handmade piece not only isn’t on the same playing field, they’re not even competing in the same sport. It’s worth falling down the rabbit hole of Vacheron’s back catalogue of such pieces. And Vacheron’s latest offering flies in some truly rarefied air (breaking the bounds of earth’s atmosphere, in fact), as you’ll soon find out. Here’s a quick look at the mind-blowing majesty of the new Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Dual Moon Grand Complication.

Think of the Les Cabinotiers department as Vacheron’s watchmaking sandbox, where craftspeople are free to let their imaginations run rampant in fits of wild creativity. The division runs as both a bespoke custom shop (much like a fine tailor), where well-heeled clients can challenge VC to bring their desires to life, and as a showcase for the brand, releasing new masterworks as a calling card for their horological prowess. And the new piece unique Dual Moon Grand Complication, without any undue hype, is truly a flex piece for the ages.

Before we go any further, here’s a rundown of the 11 complications of the watch:

1 – Minute repeater

2-6 – Perpetual calendar with retrograde date with instantaneous hand return, semi-instantaneous day and month & year instantaneous

7-8 – Precision Moon phases and age of the Moon for North and South hemispheres

9 – Sideral hour indication (24H)

10 – Celestial chart

11 – Tourbillon

All of this spectacle resides in a 46mm white gold case that sports a height of 17.10mm. Frankly, with all that’s going on, you’d expect it to be thicker. The case aesthetic is clean and simple, so as not to distract from the spectacular dial, or rather, dials.

It bears mentioning that the overall design is remarkably easy to read, given the complex nature of the entire timepiece. There’s a lovely symmetry of design at work here on the sandblasted silvered dial, with the perpetual calendar displays residing at the outer edges for great legibility. Hands and indices are rendered in white gold. The moonphase display is gorgeous, getting its starry blue background colour by means of a PVD process, with the two rhodium-plated moons given some very detailed texture via diamond-cutting.

Flip the case over, and you’re presented with a whole other universe of details to get lost in. You’ll find the sideral hour display, which permits astronomers to calculate the meridian of the stars, along with a sky chart of the constellations. There’s also a view of the tourbillon, its carriage shaped like Vacheron’s trademark Maltese cross.

The movement driving all these wonders is Vacheron’s in-house manually-wound Calibre 2755 TMRCCQP. A tiny universe unto itself, it features 774 components, 50 jewells, runs at 2.5Hz, and has a power reserve of 58 hours.

While most of the movement is hidden by the two dials, rest assured, it’s spectacular, as evidenced by the photo, earning the Hallmark of Geneva’s certification. Keeping with the tranquil, moon-themed silver and blue colourway, the alligator leather strap is a lovely dark blue, and is secured with a Vacheron half-Maltese cross clasp in white gold. A special Les Cabinotiers box is included as part of the overall presentation.

Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Dual Moon Grand Complication pricing and availability:

The Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Dual Moon Grand Complication is an edition of one, pricing is upon request.

Brand Vacheron Constantin
Model Les Cabinotiers Dual Moon Grand Complication
Case Dimensions 46mm (D) x 17.10mm (T)
Case Material White gold
Water Resistance n/a
Dial Sandblasted silvered
Crystal(s) Sapphire
Bracelet/Strap Blue alligator
Movement Calibre 2755 TMRCCQP, manually wound
Power Reserve 58 hours
Functions Hours, minutes, minute repeater, perpetual calendar with retrograde date, moon phase and age of the moon for North and South hemispheres, sideral hour indication, celestial chart, tourbillon
Availability Edition of 1
Price Upon request