The CODE41 Mecascape is like a sci-fi take on a pocket watch from another astral dimension The CODE41 Mecascape is like a sci-fi take on a pocket watch from another astral dimension

The CODE41 Mecascape is like a sci-fi take on a pocket watch from another astral dimension

Fergus Nash

We’ve all been guilty of it plenty of times. You head out wearing your favourite watch, feel the urge to check the time, and before you know it you’re staring at your phone screen. Checking your phone can be a tough habit to break, even if you do have a perfectly adequate watch on your wrist. CODE41 have now released a solution to this problem – whether or not that was their purpose – as you can instinctively pull out the CODE41 Mecascape from your jacket pocket and proceed to wow everyone in your vicinity. Combining the best elements of desk clocks and pocket watches, the CODE41 Mecascape brings mechanical soul into a modernised time-telling tablet.

After working as a designer for brands including TAG Heuer and Montblanc, CODE41’s founder Claudio D’amore first envisioned the Mecascape project in 2009 , picturing a timepiece that wasn’t confined to the wrist. Whether you’re looking to avoid wearing a watch for aesthetic purposes or you just love things that are different and interesting, the Mecascape really is novel. Despite the modernity of the design and production, the spirt of the Mecascape is actually quite romantic. It’s not that the movement has been spread out in order to fit within the 8mm case, but rather that the spreading of the components is part of the Mecascape’s goal. Instead of stacking up against each other, as much of the mechanical glory has been made visible as possible.

Of course, it wouldn’t be as interesting if the CODE41 Mecascape only showed you the time. In addition to the separated hour, minute, and seconds wheels, there are also complications for a date display, power reserve, and a GMT time zone. To control the main clock, you can use the crown on the left side of the case. To control the GMT display separately and wind the movement manually, there’s another crown on the right side. Both crowns are knurled for easy grip, and nestled within the case flanges for protection and maintaining the case lines. From the 108mm by 71mm case dimensions to the layout of the several subdials, the CODE41 Mecascape uses the Golden Ratio as inspiration for its aesthetic harmony. From naturally occurring patterns to paper and TV screens, the Golden Ratio is a guaranteed way to ensure beauty.

The case is made entirely from grade 5 titanium, keeping it lightweight as well as strong. The pleasing dark grey tone is accentuated with a sandblasted finish on the front of the case flanges and a horizontally brushed bezel, while the caseback is mostly solid and brushed save for the sapphire display window that gives you another look as some of the machining work on the bridges. In typical CODE41 fashion, the Mecascape’s orchestrated skeletonisation is a brilliant mix of industrial and sci-fi design. In order to realise this dream, CODE41 collaborated with the independent Swiss workshop Cercle des Horlogers. Although it’s hard to differentiate between the movement and the other parts of the Mecascape, there are 237 components, eight whole days of power reserve, and a beat rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour.

There are three colour variants available which range between more sporty and professional looks. The first reference features blacked-out bridges leaving only silver rings and deep crimson touches on the hands and seconds ring. The next takes on a more futuristic look with a desaturated blue-grey coating, punctuated by apple-green details. Finally, the version with a plain metal background has sensible black dial rings, and revisits those red details but on blackened hands. In terms of accessories, you first get a microfibre-lined leather carry case so that you can protect your Mecascape if it’s in a pocket with other objects, as well as a metal stand which lets you use it as a desk clock.

The CODE41 Mecascape pricing and availability:

The CODE41 Mecascape is available for pre-order, having opened for sale on November 2, 2022. From the images of the caseback it seems as though it may be limited in number, although specific quantities aren’t yet clear. Price: $9,360 USD

Brand CODE41
Model Mecascape
Case Dimensions 107mm x 71mm x 8mm
Case Material Grade 5 titanium
Water Resistance 30m
Crystal(s) Sapphire
Dial Skeletonised blue, silver, black
Lug Width NA
Strap NA
Movement Unique manufacture
Power Reserve 8 days / 192 hours
Availability Available for pre-order
Price $9,360 USD