The Blue Wiggle joins LeBron and Jay-Z as the latest celeb to be spotted wearing the Patek Philippe Tiffany Blue The Blue Wiggle joins LeBron and Jay-Z as the latest celeb to be spotted wearing the Patek Philippe Tiffany Blue

The Blue Wiggle joins LeBron and Jay-Z as the latest celeb to be spotted wearing the Patek Philippe Tiffany Blue

Luke Benedictus

At the end of last year, an unexpected release dropped that redefined the term “hype watch”.  Not long after announcing they were retiring the Nautilus – A.K.A the world’s most ludicrously in-demand watch – Patek Philippe revealed a twist in the tale. This came in the form of the Nautilus 5711/1A-018, that delivered a snappy Tiffany Blue lacquered dial that was double signed with Patek Philippe at 12′ and Tiffany & Co. at 6′. The limited-edition run numbered just 170 pieces and the watch world duly lost its mind. Having retailed for $17,745 USD, this Nautilus promptly sold at a Phillips’ charity auction for $6.5 million USD.

Overnight, the Patek Philippe Tiffany Blue became the ultimate IT watch. Flashing that distinctive turquoise dial on your wrist was a power move in horological form. Consequently, some of the world’s most famous watch enthusiasts were soon photographed with the Nautilus.

Jay-Z was the first super-collector to be spotted in the wild with it. Next came LeBron James and Leonardo DiCaprio soon followed – the A-list status of these owner serving to amplify the watch’s unobtainable appeal. And the next hotshot to be clocked wearing the Patek Philippe Tiffany Blue… well, it’s none other than Anthony “the Blue Wiggle” Field.

Those of you who don’t have children may be unfamiliar with that name. But let me assure you than Anthony Wiggle is to kids’ TV what Jay-Z is to hip-hop and LeBron is to shooting hoops.

Having started off in their native Australia, The Wiggles have become a children’s TV phenomenon with their day-glo sing-a-longs like Fruit Salad and Hot Potato forming the soundtrack to the lives of generations of kidsHaving gone global, in 2006 The Wiggles became the first act to sell out New York’s Madison Square Gardens for 12 nights straight (Coldplay, in comparison, managed three). Over the years, they’ve sold over 38 million CDs and DVDs. But while the line-up has evolved multiple times over the year, the one constant member is Anthony the Blue Wiggle. And it turns out, he’s a serious watch guy, too.

Time+Tide first spotted what looked like the Patek Philippe Tiffany Blue on Anthony’s wrist in a random Instagram post. Further social-media sleuthing confirmed our suspicions as he was snapped wearing it to accessorise his standard on-screen garb while holding a didgeridoo.

And a purple monkey too.

The more we investigated the more impressed we became. Anthony also seems to own a gigantic Richard Mille as well.


Perhaps this isn’t surprising given that, according to TheRichest, Anthony has an estimated net worth of $20 million AUD. Personally I love seeing one of Australia’s most universally beloved entertainers wearing the Patek Tiffany Blue, a watch with a dial as eye-catching as his dazzling smile. Then again, if I’d managed to secure that watch, then I’d probably be walking around with a similarly big grin.

*UPDATE: Anthony has since stated on his own account that the watch is a replica. We’re investigating further. More on this story to come.