TEAM PICK: Andrew McUtchen’s favourite stories of 2016 TEAM PICK: Andrew McUtchen’s favourite stories of 2016

TEAM PICK: Andrew McUtchen’s favourite stories of 2016

Andrew McUtchen

I don’t always do what I’m told, which frustrates my team. I was asked to supply three favourite stories of the year. I supplied seven. “Please, only three,” said Ceri. I met her in the middle and supplied five. Which has now, through sheer force of consistency – you can always get me on consistency and the rest of the team did three – become three. The culling process was extremely painful. I had to lose this incredible story about the Australian Great Barrier Reef, which is where we first worked with our videographer Ash, who has gone on to become a core member of the team. Even worse, I had to leave out that time I wrote the Friday Wind Down with some guy called Michael Klim. At the Rio Olympics. I managed to sneak in the Olympics anyway, so not all was lost.

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Ceri David


“Not everybody knows quite how well connected our Ceri David is, but I do, and I expect miracles of her all the time. In an editorial meeting that coincided with the launch of a new season of Suits she suggested finding out what watches Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter, to most) owns and wears in real life. Any Pateks? We loved the idea, so Ceri casually got in touch with Gabriel, and this happened. Remarkable stuff.”


“Sometimes where you sit for breakfast makes all the difference to your day. On this particular day – day two of the Rio Olympics – I chose very well. It was a table that also included new President of Omega, Raynald Aeschlimann. Over coffee, he – also casually – mentioned that he’d had a personal email from Michael Phelps overnight. The journalist in me died and went to Rio.”

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BY: Felix Scholz


“Felix is usually a very measured, rational and reliable writer, and I should know, because, I – probably like many of you – read him every day. This was, however, not the measured and rational Felix. This guy was a 12-year-old kid at Disneyland, freaking out about crystal gardens growing in their own buildings and quartz movement watches that belong in places other than a garbage bin. Loved it so much.”