Tea for two, plus you? Killing Time podcast serves fresh flavours after lots of whiskey and watches Tea for two, plus you? Killing Time podcast serves fresh flavours after lots of whiskey and watches

Tea for two, plus you? Killing Time podcast serves fresh flavours after lots of whiskey and watches

Zach Blass

It is no secret that the watch community and industry is a rather male-dominated space. With people of all genders, however, becoming more and more familiar with the world of watches there is a hunger to hear from new voices and perspectives. Most watch coverage is rooted in the male gaze, reviews and verdicts stemming from a masculine perspective. Watch podcasts are popping up left and right, as increasing attention is drawn to our niche community. But, until now, the only major watch podcast headed by women was the beloved podcast Tenn and Two hosted by Kathleen Schmidt and Kat Shoulders. Two weeks ago, a new course appeared on the menu, satiating the appetite to hear people talk about watches in a fresh way. And that is the new podcast Killing Time, hosted by Malaika Crawford (a stylist and Jewellery and Watch Editor for Highsnobiety) and Brynn Wallner (founder of Dimepiece).


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I have had the immense pleasure of getting to know both Brynn and Malaika over the last year, our paths crossing at Watches & Wonders and various other press trips. There is no such thing as a dull moment with this pair, and I have yet to have a conversation with them where at least one of us does not erupt in laughter. I talk watches with a lot of people, as both an enthusiast and journalist, and at times the conversations and sentiments can be repetitive.

Brynn Wallner (founder of Dimepiece)

Most topics will have a dialogue that inevitably presents opposing sentiments A and B. With Brynn and Malaika though, you have the benefit of hearing sentiment C – whether it’s Malaika’s vehement disgust for rose gold or Brynn’s fascination with all things teeny tiny and two-toned. If you are worried that the watch community, at times, falls under groupthink, this duo of uncensored personalities is here to shake that up. From Richard Mille pricing and aesthetics and thoughts on the new Tudor Ranger to pairing the latest Love Island UK contestants with watches, you are in for both a fun and informed ride.

The way I would describe the Killing Time podcast is that if the watch community at large is an Entourage boys-club, Brynn and Malaika bring a much needed Sex and the City energy to #watchfam. The hit HBO staples have many parallels, but they differ through the perspective they are delivered in.

Malaika Crawford: Watch & Jewelry Editor for High Snobiety

Nobody is safe from their quick wit and charm. Each week you can definitely count on the pair serving up the latest in watch news, pop culture, press trip shenanigans – in short: a hot cup of #watchfam tea. But, rather than me drone on and mansplain the Killing Time mission, I spoke with both of the podcast co-founders to better understand how it all started and what you can expect in future episodes.

Zach Blass: What was the genesis of launching Killing Time?

Brynn Wallner: Malaika and I met on set filming a video for HODINKEE, and we got along without any effort at all. We both started getting invited to all the same watch events, including Watches and Wonders in Geneva, which was very intense and over-stimulating – a bonding moment for everyone in the watch world, frankly. Then there were countless events in NYC, press trips to Europe… Our experiences together always led to funny, off-the-record, watch-world banter, leading to me thinking “we should record this”, and I somehow convinced her to agree. Can’t let that gold go to waste [laughs].

ZB: What separates your podcast from other watch podcasts?

Malaika Crawford: It’s a good mix of high and low. We know what we we are talking about, but we also want to have fun and and riff on pop culture. The goal is to keep it open to both experts and newbies! We also just have a lot of fun doing it to be honest.

BW: Our perspective is so contrary to that of what’s expected of “watch people” in that it is intrinsically linked to fashion, pop culture and simply existing in this space as women. Like Malaika said, this podcast is created for the hardcore horological heads as well as for total newcomers. The two of us are so different from each other as well, so there’s a nice contrast.

ZB: How did you each get into watches?

MC: I got into watches when I was working with Mel Ottenberg who styled Rihanna. Rihanna really liked watches so I started exploring things to pull for her. I have also worn a watch forever. I was given my first “grown up” watch at 18: a Cartier Tank.

BW: I didn’t know anything about watches until working on some content for the Watches Department at Sotheby’s in 2019. Then, I started noticing them everywhere – on TV, on the subway, at parties. I was watch-pilled! When Sotheby’s let me go on the day NYC shut down for the pandemic, I took some time off to relax and realign my priorities and decided to learn more about watches, present my findings on what became on Instagram – always staying true to my spirit and sense of humor.

Patek Philippe ref. 1463 Image: Collector Square

ZB: What is your “grail” watch?

MC: I feel like my grail watch changes weekly [laughs]. But, I always come back to the Patek Philippe ref. 1463 in yellow gold.

BW: That’s tough. I’m still seeking the answer to this question

To listen to the Killing Time podcast, you can find it here on Spotify and here on Apple Music.

Images of Brynn and Malaika taken by David Brandon Geeting