EDITOR’S PICK: Take another look at Brad Pitt’s jaw-dropping watch collection EDITOR’S PICK: Take another look at Brad Pitt’s jaw-dropping watch collection

EDITOR’S PICK: Take another look at Brad Pitt’s jaw-dropping watch collection

Luke Benedictus

EDITOR’S NOTE: How rich is Brad Pitt? Well, bear in mind that when he and Angelina filed for divorce in 2016, their joint income since their 2014 marriage was estimated to be $117.5 million, according to Forbes. And since 1999, Brad is thought to have raked in another $400 million.  Not surprisingly then, the man has a stellar watch collection as Thor’s article here reveals…

Raw sex appeal may have won Brad Pitt some of his early Hollywood roles. But rather than coast along on his dashing looks alone, the actor’s career has evolved to turn him into one of, if not the, biggest movie stars in the world. From Thelma & Louise to Fight Club and Moneyball to The Big Short, Pitt has built a career of unimpeachable magnificence. Alarmingly, his watch collection offers similar credibility.

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As if it wasn’t already annoying enough that my wife is still besotted with this age-defying bastard, GQ has uncovered that Pitt is a selective watch collector with a deep affinity for Old School elegance.

Brad Pitt watch collection
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This first watch shows that Pitt understands the winning value of a perfectly slimline Cartier. But not just any Cartier. Unlike the standard Hollywood flex of a Royal Oak or bejewelled Rolex, Pitt’s choice is the slender Cartier Tank à Guichet.

Brad Pitt watch collection

Presenting itself as a stealthy, miniature gold slab with a tiny window at 12 for the hours, and a crescent at six for the minutes, this jump hour Cartier Tank is a minimalist, connoisseur’s choice that we can hardly take our eyes off. Made from 18k gold, the Cartier has a nickel lever movement sitting within a brushed rectangular case, revealing the passing minutes with Arabic numerals and minute track. It’ll nestle discreetly beneath a tuxedo cuff on any Oscars red carpet, too, with a length of 35.5mm including lugs.

As the poster boy for Breitling, Pitt is known for wearing the street-tough Premier B01 Norton Edition. This is another cool choice – a classic bi-compax chronograph with the bulletptoof B01 calibre on a suede strap that befits Pitt’s casual style. If only he wasn’t that damn handsome and “timeless” as my wife insists on calling him.

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Footnote: As if this wasn’t enough, Brad Pitt is also well known for rocking the grail classic Patek Philippe 5711 in steel, as seen in our story here.  I’m off to gnaw off my own kneecaps with envy …