Kith, marry, kill: TAG Heuer’s revival of the Formula 1 dominated this week Kith, marry, kill: TAG Heuer’s revival of the Formula 1 dominated this week

Kith, marry, kill: TAG Heuer’s revival of the Formula 1 dominated this week

Jamie Weiss

Yesterday was one of the most entertaining days I’ve ever had since being a part of the Time+Tide team. To start with, I got up nice and early to head on over to Porsche’s Australian headquarters to review the new Porsche Design Custom-Built Chronograph, which might just rank as one of the most customisable watches on the planet. (Stay tuned for my hands-on article about this cool timepiece in the coming weeks.) For our photoshoot with this watch, I got behind the wheel of “Ruby”, a Porsche 911 Targa 4S that’s been customised through Porsche’s Exclusive Manufaktur program with a Ruby Star Neo paint job combined with a black and grey interior with green stitching.


Now, I’ve got a background in automotive journalism, so I’m no stranger to driving some head-turning exotic cars – indeed, I’ve driven a lot of head-turning Porsches in particular. However, Ruby is probably the least subtle car I’ve ever driven. Not only does it sound like it’s gurgling nails at idle, but that Ruby Star Neo paint is pretty lairy. Combine that with a drop top and put 6ft2 me behind the wheel, and it paints a pretty funny picture.

kith heuer box

Then, I raced back to our Discovery Studio hoping to write a bit, only for one of our retail staff to tell me that the local TAG Heuer boutique had already received stock of the new Formula 1 Kith models – and that I had the chance to head to the LVMH offices to shoot the whole box set. Back on the road, we went again… By the end of the shoot – and then going home, writing a script, recording some voiceover and so on – it was past midnight. Working for my keep!

It’s been really interesting reading the watch community’s thoughts on the revival of the TAG Heuer Formula 1. Many watch collectors (myself included) are pretty stoked that the OG Formula 1 has made a comeback. I also think it’s subtly genius teaming up with Ronnie Feig and Kith – an association that will no doubt introduce many people with a collector’s mindset to luxury watches who might have previously not been so into watches. It’s the MoonSwatch effect all over again.


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Or is it? At around five times the price of a MoonSwatch at retail and four times the original 1986 retail price (adjusted for inflation), many watch lovers reckon these new “Kith Heuers” are a bit too expensive and have been vocal about this price increase. My take? Vintage models are still relatively affordable if you don’t like the new price or Kith branding. Our founder Andrew actually just picked up a period model a few days ago, and he’s been stoked with it.


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This story is still developing, so stay tuned. We’re currently putting together a video that goes through each colourway in detail that you might find interesting. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Jamie and the Time+Tide Team

Watch meme of the week: catch and release


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Any watch collector who’s been in the game long enough definitely knows what this feels like. The grass is always greener on the other side…

Wrist shot of the week: a very different type of TAG Heuer


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From the affordable to the high-end: this wrist shot of the TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph in blue shared by former T+T editor Nick is exceedingly tasteful, even though he’s wearing it on the wrong wrist… I guess this makes it easier for you to activate the rattrapante?

Time+Tide Shop pick of the week: Hamilton Jazzmaster Performer Auto 34mm

Hamilton Jazzmaster Performer Auto 34mm pink

Made for those who favour function and style at once, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Performer line offers a powerful sporty-chic appearance. Powered by the H-10 automatic movement with an 80-hour power reserve, this Jazzmaster Performer Automatic features a 34mm stainless steel case accented by an understated pink dial and a refined stainless steel bracelet. This is a great affordable alternative to the TAG Heuer Carrera Date or the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. What a cutie!

Discover the Hamilton Jazzmaster Performer Auto 34mm in the Time+Tide Shop, either online or in our Melbourne Discovery Studio. Price: A$1,850.

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tag heuer formula 1 kith tt feature

There are few watches that left such an impact on a particular generation but have become largely forgotten by the majority of the collecting community as the TAG Heuer Formula 1. That’s not to say that the ’80s and ’90s TAG Heuer Formula 1 isn’t collectible – but if more people knew about it, I have a sneaking suspicion they’d reallocate their MoonSwatch savings. Thanks to TAG Heuer and Kith founder Ronnie Fieg, however, all of that might be about to change. Borna goes in-depth about these new retro revivals here.

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There is always a lot going on at Watches & Wonders. With so many brands competing for attention, all trying to make the most noise about their multitude of new releases, sometimes you need to take a short break from it all and find a quiet space to reflect on it all. More often than not, one of the best booths to do that in is A. Lange & Söhne. Not only do they serve delicious beer and warm pretzels, but the considered pace at which they do their releases means you can give each one the due care and consideration it deserves… And that’s exactly what Russell and I did. See what we thought here.