Swatch drops teasers for June 2024 Omega collaboration. These were your predictions

Swatch drops teasers for June 2024 Omega collaboration. These were your predictions

Zach Blass

UPDATE: Surprisingly, Swatch and Omega have just unveiled a new MoonSwatch ‘Mission on Earth’ trio not long after the teasers were posted. You can see the new Lava, Polar Lights, and Desert configurations below which are all set to hit stores June 15, 2024. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and cast your vote as to which is the strongest of the three (or if you are simply not interested). My thoughts on the new Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch ‘Mission On Earth’ trio can be found here.


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Below you can see whether or not your predictions were accurate.

Just a few days ago, Swatch shared two teaser trailers on Instagram that suggest another Omega collaboration is coming later this month. The first showcased various natural phenomena viewed from outer space, while the second teaser displayed a new Omega x Swatch branded briefcase knocking the well-known blue MoonSwatch briefcase out of the picture. Does this mean new MoonSwatches are coming soon? Are some MoonSwatch models set to be discontinued? Or, could we finally see an Omega x Swatch Seamaster?


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Nothing is certain, which makes these sorts of announcements that much more fun. So, we decided to post a poll and ask for your predictions for what Swatch and Omega have in store (but not online) for us. Our poll options kept things a bit more focused, asking whether you thought new MoonSwatch configurations are coming, if a new Seamaster-based Swatch x Omega collaboration is finally set to debut, or, lastly, whether you even care at this point. At the time of writing, with nearly 600 responses, 18% of the respondents believe new MoonSwatch configurations are incoming and 36% are betting on Swatch x Omega “Swatchmaster” that debuts a BioCeramic take on Omega’s Seamaster diver – which has long been requested.

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Interestingly, however, 46% of the respondents selected the “Who cares?” button, making it clear that there is still a significant amount of resentment around Swatch x Omega collaborations. This can be attributed to inaccessibility in-store (which varies by region), the lack of the ability to purchase online, or the fact that some seem to feel like the hype train has long reached the station and that they are feeling MoonSwatch fatigue.

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RedBar founder Adam Craniotes sharing his thoughts.

Within the landscape of high interest, high demand, unobtanium watches, low or perceived low access to supply will always generate a social media mob of sorts. But as much as the somewhat negative sentiment may suggest a waning level of interest, it is actually indicative of the fact there is still plenty of enthusiasm and desire around these Swatch Group collaborations considering much of the vitriol surrounds requests to be able to better purchase the creations.

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While our followers certainly used the comments section as a stage to voice their indifference and frustration, many of you actually left predictions of what could soon be released. The most prominent theme was the idea of an increased usage of luminescent material, perhaps prompted by the natural phenomena in the teaser such as an aurora borealis or the more neon-like hue of the new Omega x Swatch branded briefcase. This prediction, along with predictions pertaining to the incorporation of Earthly themes akin to how the Swatch x Blancpain collaboration looks to sea slugs to inspire the designs are probably safer bets.

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In fact, @b_for_bubble.o0 claimed in their comment that they saw a box displayed outside their local Swatch store that suggests a more compact collection size and a “Mission on Earth” theme for whatever design-base Swatch and Omega have built this new collection around. This, of course, remains unconfirmed. But, such a concept is in line with what Swatch and Omega have done historically.

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Others went a bit more wild, with one user expressing that a BioCeramic take on Omega’s Ploprof needed to happen or another suggesting that the hue of the new co-branded briefcase could suggest a Tiffany-blue Omega x Swatch Seamaster design. Far less likely.

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To be honest, I think the outer space perspective of the teasers makes it more likely we will see another Speedmaster-based Omega x Swatch Collaboration. I am of the belief the most likely outcome are Earthly themed MoonSwatch designs. That being said, the outer space element of the teasers could be a means to throw us off and, as one user, suggested, with it being summertime in the northern hemisphere a new Seamaster-based collaboration from Omega and Swatch would be timely for the season. But with the Blancpain collaboration still relatively fresh, it may be too soon as much as fans are eagerly awaiting a Seamaster-based Swatch. We will have to wait and see how this all develops, and, as much as some may appear to be checked-out, I imagine we will all be tuned in waiting.