Speedy stories – 3 tales of Omega Speedmaster love Speedy stories – 3 tales of Omega Speedmaster love

Speedy stories – 3 tales of Omega Speedmaster love

Felix Scholz

You might not have noticed but we’ve hit the Omega Speedmaster pretty hard this week. Though, in our defence, we think it’s justified, what with the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing and all that. A few days ago, Felix asked the deep question of what actually makes a Speedmaster, and this morning we had a closer look at the new 50th anniversary piece. And tonight we’re taking some guests to a celebratory shindig at one of Omega’s Melbourne boutiques (spacesuit optional).

To score one of the metaphorical golden tickets, we asked people (specifically subscribers to our newsletter) to tell us about their favourite Speedmaster. These are three responses …

Jaye says …

Jaye’s Speedy on a colourful NATO.

My favourite Speedy (as unexciting as it might be) is the Professional Ref 3572.5 that I own, from 2002. There’s so many great features in this timeless watch — manual wind 1861 movement, hesalite crystal (can’t beat the warmth it brings to the watch), sapphire caseback and the iconic black dial. It looks great on the Omega bracelet, any colour NATO strap, leather, canvas or perlon. I saved for four years through uni to get it as a graduation present and it was my first ‘proper’ watch. I don’t think I’ll ever sell it.

Goran says …

A Speedmaster Alaska III. Image:

There are many, but my absolute favourite would be the Alaska 3 from 1978. I just love the radial dials and how it’s different from other Speedys. I missed out on the Speedy Tuesday version but I’m hoping that one will come my way in the future

Yianni says …

Brown cordovan leather watch strap, Omega Speedmaster
A Speedmaster on a Time+Tide cordovan strap.

I recently received a wonderful surprise 21st birthday present from my parents — a new Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph — Steel on steel (my father was given an Omega Seamaster Day-Date for his 21st). I love this watch! It hasn’t left my wrist since March. I Iove the history behind the watch, and my father was fortunate enough to have witnessed the landing with the rest of his classmates at primary school.