VIDEO: Our favourite watches of SIHH 2018 – part 2, $10,000-20,000

Yesterday, we ran through our picks of SIHH 2018 at the more accessible end of the spectrum, bearing in mind that the HH in SIHH stands for ‘High Horology’. Today, we kick it up a notch, looking at watches that come in between $10-$20k. There are a lot of meaty options in this price point, something that’s reflected in the fairly diverse opinions of Sandra, Andrew, Justin and myself – as we’ve picked out simple, time-only pieces as well as some… Read More

VIDEO: The best Montblanc watches of SIHH 2018

The more distance and time I’ve had to reflect on SIHH 2018, the more I’m inclined to think that the calibre of the exhibiting collections was – overall – very high. The very top end of town was well represented but of more interest to me (and I suspect a lot of you reading this), the offerings at the less stratospheric price points were plentiful, interesting and attractive. Case in point – Montblanc. Montblanc’s hero collections were the greatly expanded and… Read More

VIDEO: 4 great Ulysse Nardin watches from SIHH 2018

Ulysse Nardin showed a refreshingly diverse collection at SIHH, with everything from clean, simple (dare we say, classic) designs, all the way up to the incredibly complex and cutting edge. So, as you can imagine, our favourite picks cover off both ends of the spectrum, from daily wear to more special occasion pieces. And while we kept our focus to four models, there’s a few honourable mentions, particularly the new Torpilleur models, and the epic Deep Dive. Ulysse Nardin Classico… Read More

INSIGHT: A Due double take – two perspectives on the smaller Panerai Luminor Due models

Ever since we first saw them at SIHH, the collective Time+Tide team has been crushing hard on the new Luminor Due models, particularly the 38 and 42mm offerings. Now, obviously these are watches with strong cross-gender appeal, so we thought it’d be a smart idea to get two takes on these models, courtesy of slender-wristed Sandra and Felix (and his mighty wrists). First thoughts Sandra Lane: Shock, horror! Panerai have made a “small” watch. Some are calling it a watch… Read More

HANDS-ON: Cartier’s incredible Révélation d’une Panthère

Over the past decade, while earning its chops as a serious technical watchmaker, Cartier has demonstrated time and again its mastery of the artistic crafts – métiers d’art in the Francophone world of watchmaking. It has taken traditional techniques and gone further – for example, using straw and flower petals for marquetry. It has also remastered 3000-year-old techniques that were virtually extinct, including granulation – a manner of creating surface texture using tiny gold beads. As a result, we have… Read More