Sherwood’s Grand Seiko Snowflake  Sherwood’s Grand Seiko Snowflake 

Sherwood’s Grand Seiko Snowflake 

Felix Scholz

Look, full disclosure. We did not know (or indeed pay) Sherwood to give us this particular answer. 

But having said that, it’s quite nice to hear someone say they bought a watch off your review. And honestly, of the many (many) watches I’ve reviewed over the years, you could do a whole lot worse than the Grand Seiko SBGA211 ‘Snowflake’. It’s a real modern classic, and a watch that’s full of character and emblematic of what Grand Seiko is all about. Or, as Sherwood puts it: 

When I look at my watch it’s an immediately calming Snowflake presence that just reminds me of what’s not in front of my desk.

Sherwood’s Grand Seiko Snowflake 

And Sherwood’s absolutely right — it is an under-the-radar piece, and the Spring Drive technology is absolutely mesmerising. Well done on a great watch, Sherwood, and here’s to the next one.