Seiko President Akio Naito says Grand Seiko micro-adjustment is “on the way” Seiko President Akio Naito says Grand Seiko micro-adjustment is “on the way”

Seiko President Akio Naito says Grand Seiko micro-adjustment is “on the way”

Zach Blass

As a general rule, the Seiko Corporation never comments on future projects – but a very exciting exception to this rule was recently uncovered. A LinkedIn comment from last month that flew under the radar until now suggests that a long-desired Grand Seiko feature is in the works.

Akio Naito Grand Seiko LinkedIn micro adjustment

The Watches and Wonders LinkedIn account often shares videos that showcase the various participating brands, and one post in particular, which featured Grand Seiko, had an interesting exchange in the comments section. After one user commented on the original post writing “Where’s my micro adjust?”, none other than Seiko Corporation President Akio Naito surprisingly entered the chat with a vague, yet hopeful reply of “On the way…”

Steel Reef Grand Seiko
Steel Reef’s render of its potential solution.

It’s fair to say watch enthusiasts would like to see micro-adjustment clasps from all brands, but Grand Seiko in particular, with its cult-like following, has long had collectors asking for such a feature. In fact, demand has been so clear for Grand Seiko micro-adjustment that companies like Steel Reef teased coming to market with its own aftermarket solution, similar to those it already has for brands like Zenith, Sinn, Rolex and Tudor. As of May, Steel Reef has stated it is currently looking into launching a crowdfunding campaign later this summer – where each link with a stretch system of sorts offers 6mm of total adjustment in three, 2mm increments. Cloning the handsome finish of Grand Seiko’s links, however, will not be an easy task, and this is necessary for the links to not feel out of place next to the factory-made ones.

Grand Seiko SBGH283 timetide17621

While such an aftermarket solution would surely be welcomed, an in-house solution will always be more desired than a third-party solution. So, does “On the way…” mean Grand Seiko will definitely launch its own micro-adjustment system? My gut tells me that all that has been confirmed here is Grand Seiko hearing the feedback, and currently exploring a solution. But Grand Seiko holds itself to stringent standards, so an in-house micro-adjustment system will only be launched if and when the brand feels confident they have designed something to the requisite standard. Therefore, we have no timeline or guarantee Grand Seiko will present one, but it is nice to know they are in the research and development stage, as well as acknowledging the feedback of its fans and clients.

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Zach and the Time+Tide Team

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Celebrating the brand’s connection with rescue aviation, Hamilton has released the special edition Khaki Pilot Air Glaciers 42mm in connection with the Swiss Air-Glaciers helicopter rescue team. Built with direct input from the pilots, this 42mm titanium pilot’s watch features an ETA-based movement with an 80-hour power reserve and a Nivachron balance spring for improved accuracy in demanding conditions. Each of these special edition watches comes with both a brown suede nubuck strap and a blue tactical-style nylon Velcro strap. The packaging is pretty cool too (which is usually the case with Hamilton special editions), arriving complete in its own Pelican R40 Ruck case.

Discover the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Air Glaciers 42mm in the Time+Tide Shop, either online or in our Melbourne Discovery Studio. Price: US$1,395, A$2,225.

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