VIDEO: The Seiko 5 Sports ONE PIECE Limited Edition Collection VIDEO: The Seiko 5 Sports ONE PIECE Limited Edition Collection

VIDEO: The Seiko 5 Sports ONE PIECE Limited Edition Collection

Fergus Nash

Seiko released a heap of cool watches at the start of 2021 and they’ve since continued their momentum. Indeed, this year has witnessed hit after hit for the Japanese giant, who’ve released a never-ending stream of interesting and varied watches. One series of releases aimed at bringing fresh creativity into the watch-collector world are their Japanese pop culture tie-ins that are riding the growing popularity of anime in the United States. The anime ONE PIECE that was first televised in 1999 is the perfect match for a Seiko collaboration, given that they’re both incredibly prolific in their respective fields with 997 episodes of the anime series having aired at the time of writing.

As with the previous collaborations, each watch in the collection is based upon a character from the show, although in this case they have been adapted somewhat. Instead of the bright tropical colours usually seen in the pirate crew, character elements have been incorporated into some muted designs that blend in more with modern streetwear. This drastically increases the versatility of these watches, making them something you might want to wear every day rather than just keep in a display box.

The main character is Monkey D. Luffy, and without the yellow of his straw hat, the watch carries a raw, aggressive attitude. Its blacked-out case and bezel really makes the crimson elements pop, themselves carrying some easter eggs. The repeating smoke motif represents Luffy unleashing Gears, a means of progressing his power that is also depicted by the increasingly growing markers on the aluminium bezel. The letter ‘D’ can be found within the negative space of the red smoke by the 12 o’clock index, and Luffy’s scar can be found engraved into the crown.

Next, there’s Trafalgar Law, whose black and white fur hat forms the inspiration for the dial and strap, evoking an almost regal feel of ermine. The golden chapter ring only adds to that sophisticated flavour, while a cross symbol is on the crown, representing the scabbard pattern on his favourite sword. The caseback, as with each of these models, depicts the mark of Corazon and the quote: “I’m fulfilling someone’s long-held desire!!”.

It must be said that “Black Leg” Sanji has received the strangest design, with his sharp dress sense bypassed in favour of a barrage of footprints, evoking the flurry of devastating kicks that he’s capable of. The green, black and yellow colour scheme does somewhat carry a camouflage effect from a distance, but this is definitely the watch for a ONE PIECE fan with a good sense of humour. The symbol on this watch’s crown is his signature curled eyebrow.

Roronoa Zoro isn’t just a great swordsman as his name would suggest, but capable of wielding three swords. The bewitching olive-green sunburst dial is given a sword slash effect that reaches out to the rubber strap, which really hones in on the aggressive mood of the watch. The diamond cross-section of a blade can be seen on the crown to emphasise Zoro’s precision.

Lastly, Monkey D. Luffy’s sworn brother Sabo is represented in a mystifying and somewhat understated navy blue colour, but with the fires of his Flame Fist engulfing the dial and strap in a cool grey tone. The bezel is especially interesting, with emphasis put on his No. 2 rank in the Revolutionary Army, as well as a blue PVD coating applied only to the edge for a two-tone effect. The crown shows the icon of the Flame-Flame Fruit that Sabo inherited form his other sworn brother, Ace.

The Seiko 5 Sports framework is a strong choice for all of these collaborations as it’s a great benchmark in value and ease for first-time watch owners. The 42.5mm diameter, 46mm lug-to-lug, and 13.4mm thickness is a very comfortable set of dimensions for the average wrist, not to mention the use of a high-quality rubber strap brings the weight down to a middle-ground 103g. The 4R36 movement is easy to operate, with hacking seconds and automatic or manual winding the most convenient features in addition to their robust nature, reliable timekeeping, and cheap servicing costs.

At $695AUD, the Seiko 5 Sports ONE PIECE Limited Editions are certainly carrying a bit of a premium due to their use of an anime IP, but the price is still well within reason for both fans of One Piece, and fans of intricately detailed watches that aren’t afraid to have a bit of fun.

Seiko 5 Sports ONE PIECE Limited Edition Collection pricing and availability:

The Seiko 5 Sports ONE PIECE Limited Editions are each available in a run of 5000 pieces from Seiko boutiques and select retail partners. Price: $695 AUD

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