Ryan Reynolds vs Hugh Jackman: Which superhero does watches better? Ryan Reynolds vs Hugh Jackman: Which superhero does watches better?

Ryan Reynolds vs Hugh Jackman: Which superhero does watches better?

Zach Blass

Any Marvel fan, like me, had a fantastic week upon hearing the news that not only is Deadpool 3 on the way, but that Hugh Jackman is coming out of role-retirement to play Wolverine in the film once more. We all believed that Logan was Jackman’s last outing as the most recognisable member of the X-Men, but, like Tom Brady, it appears he couldn’t resist coming back to work. And who could blame him. The cheeky rapport Reynolds and Jackman have is undeniable, and, after a series of jabs back and forth over the years, it was everyone’s dream for this to happen. So, in celebration of Deadpool and Wolverine hitting the big screen together within the MCU, we decided to have an ambassador-off: Reynolds vs Jackman, Deadpool vs Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

In 2016, Hugh Jackman was announced as an ambassador for the Montblanc brand. With his rugged looks, the Wolverine actor was enlisted to bring extra brand awareness to the product line. Montblanc, like other new-ish brands, initially faced the hurdle of trying to prove they were not simply a “fashion watch” brand. Having forged their reputation through fountain pens and leather goods, their watch segment at first seemed like a mere strategic business evolution – the next accessory to tackle.

Reynolds vs Hugh Jackman

Of course, in recent years Montblanc has proven this is not the case and that, when it comes to watchmaking, they are very serious about offering a top-notch product. Enlisting industry veterans like Davide Cerrato and acquiring movement manufacture Minerva were just a few steps that pushed Montblanc into the limelight as a serious horological contender.

Reynolds vs Hugh Jackman

As a bona fide leading man with mass appeal, Jackman raised Montblanc’s profile while exuding the idea that every classy gentleman needs a classy watch.

Ryan Reynolds



The same year as Jackman, in 2016, Reynolds was unveiled as an ambassador for Piaget. His down-to-earth personality may not seem like a natural fit for a brand known for their jet-setting Piaget 9p Society lifestyle. But, with their motto being “the sunny side of life”, few actors bring as many smiles to the world as Ryan Reynolds. Plus, given his famously dashing looks, any brand would be willing to fight for the real-estate of his wrist.

Reynolds vs Hugh Jackman

Throughout his tenure he was seen wearing a wide variety of Altiplano and Polo references within the catalogue.

Reynolds vs Hugh Jackman

Around 2020, Reynolds became tied to the Chopard brand, which, after years of sporting Piaget actually made sense. Like Piaget,  Chopard also presents a variety of classy elegant dress pieces along strong segments of sporty pieces like the Alpine Eagle. And with Reynolds starring in more and more action roles at the time, there were plenty of pieces in the Chopard catalogue that were ripe to join him on his cinematic adventures. One such watch was the Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speziale Prototype, which was later auctioned off for charity.

The winner: 2-1 Ryan Reynolds

To be fair, it really is an evenly matched contest. Both ambassadors killed it in their roles representing the brand as suave, personable gentlemen who many aspire to be like outside and in. But, as an American, I do not believe in draws. So to break the tie, Ryan wins due to representing two strong brands versus one. He also wins as an ambassador for not only wearing the timepieces, and wearing them in his films, but having one film-worn watch auctioned off for charity as well.