Honey, I got a G-Shock – a week with the battle-worn, badass GMW-B5000V

Full disclosure. This G-Shock was a gift from the brand to show their support for a passion project I've launched called The Father Hood. Thank you Phil. The 'Hood's all about supporting isolated and new dads and inspiring future dads. It's also brutally real about #dadlife. Which is why the G-Shock is really the perfect watch gift for this stage of life. No drop from a bench while attached to a soft toy (the kids like to do that for… Read More

IN-DEPTH: The anOrdain Model 2 

The story in a second: The anOrdain Model 2 is an unbelievable dial at an unbelievable price. From where I'm sitting, 2019 has been a fairly quiet year on the watch front, thanks to a more fragmented release schedule than usual and a general sense of reticence on behalf of many big brands to push the boat out in what is euphemistically called a soft luxury market. Which is why the headline-grabbing hits have been few and far between. Don't get… Read More

HANDS-ON: The Seiko Automatic Chronograph 50th Anniversary — SRQ029J

Celebrating five decades since its first automatic chronograph was released, Seiko has just unveiled this, the new Seiko Automatic Chronograph SRQ029J 50th Anniversary. First revealed in 1969, the original Seiko Automatic Chronograph featured the Japanese watchmaker's historic Calibre 6139 movement, which utilised an integrated vertical clutch and column wheel chronograph architecture. 1969 was a competitive and interesting time for watchmakers, as it wasn't just Seiko that was trying to bring an automatic chronograph to market in the last year of the Swinging… Read More

HANDS-ON: The Seiko Chronograph 55th Anniversary — SRQ031J

Some of the coolest and cultiest of vintage Seiko watches are their calibre 5719 monopusher chronographs, released to coincide with the Tokyo Olympics of 1964 (an event for which Seiko were the official timekeepers btw). These watches didn't look much like a chronograph, with only a single seconds hand and a bidirectional bezel to track elapsed time. They were also (like all chronographs before 1969), manually wound affairs. And while they might have lacked the sort of bells and whistles… Read More

VIDEO: Travel in style with Grand Seiko's SBGE201 

The travel watch is one of the classic tropes in the world of watch design — and as with all recurring themes, the travel watch is a broad spectrum, ranging from rough and ready all the way up to the private jets and mega-yachts version of travelling in style. The Grand Seiko SBGE201 treads a middle ground. It's solid steel, but it also possesses enough innate pizzaz to hold its own in more formal situations. This tricky balancing act comes down… Read More

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