We have some new team members we’d like you to meet, our US Editor and Independents Editor We have some new team members we’d like you to meet, our US Editor and Independents Editor

We have some new team members we’d like you to meet, our US Editor and Independents Editor

Andrew McUtchen

One of the upsides of a pretty challenging 2020 was that while it reinforced the tyranny of distance we feel from the industry we’re a part of (international flights, cancelled), oddly enough it also brought us closer than we’ve ever been to overseas friends, industry leaders and freelancers.

Personally, I’ve never spoken to more CEOs in one year. We zoomed in to boardrooms, bedrooms, and even Jean-Claude Biver’s atrium to stay in touch with what was going on. And on the freelancer front, with Zoom video conferencing totally de rigeur for team meetings with our Melbourne crew, it was nothing to start having some fresh faces from faraway places.

This is how Upper East Side NYC resident Zach Blass started with us, shortly followed by Oslo-based Thor Svaboe. The names are probably familiar to you, as in a short time, they’ve both clocked over 100 stories, and they can’t stop, won’t stop. They say cream rises to the top, in this case, it’s a result of some incredibly high-quality handiwork.

Meet the US Editor of Time+Tide, New York City-based Zach Blass

So, in early 2021, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Zach is our first ever US Editor, and Thor will take another newly created role as Independents Editor, incorporating the hotter-than-lava category of Microbrands. Thor has almost single-handedly been organising brands for the regular ‘Micro Mondays’ spot – this will continue apace in 2021, with plenty more happening in the space. Zach and Thor join Mike Christensen, our London-based European Editor who you can read more about here.

Meet our new Independents Editor, Norway’s Thor Svaboe

As a pre-face to face catch up with Zach and Thor (this is coming soon in a ‘Brady Bunch’ style call we’re currently working on), we’ve put together a speed dating style video to establish some basic facts.

Contact Zach, Thor or Mike to say hi, congratulations, or can we work together?

US readers, T+T Club Members, brand managers, or those seeking a Clubhouse invite, contact Zach at [email protected]

Microbrands, Indies, death metal bands, Nordic watch lovers and T+T Club Members, say hi to Thor at [email protected]

London-based brand managers, readers, T+T Club Members, connect with Mike at [email protected]

Want to hear more of the international team’s work? Sure!

Here’s Thor, fanning pretty hard for the new cherry red Moser Pioneer:

Here’s Zach, talking about the Rolex ‘Batgirl’ on YouTube:

Here’s Mike, asking Jean-Claude Biver if he can see ghosts: