Mongrip’s motorsports bracelets are the perfect accessory to pair with your chronograph

Mongrip’s motorsports bracelets are the perfect accessory to pair with your chronograph

Jamie Weiss

Watch collectors and bracelets: name a more iconic duo. Something I’ve definitely observed in the watch community is that we all tend to love wearing bracelets just as much as we love wearing watches. Maybe it’s because we like to balance wearing a watch on one wrist with an accessory on the other, maybe it’s because we’re already used to wearing things on our wrists, or maybe we just love a bit of flair…

Another thing watch lovers also tend to have a passion for – a bubble in the watch hobby Venn diagram – is Formula 1. Of course, a significant part of the history and mythos of watches, especially chronographs, is connected to the world’s top motorsport. Whether it’s Jack Heuer making his fame by gifting winning drivers gold Carreras, Lewis Hamilton wearing unreleased IWCs during race weekends or the Rolex clocks that dot every circuit, F1 and watches are joined at the hip.

mongrip rolex

Enter Mongrip: an accessories brand that I’m sure more than a few watch/F1 fans will find instantly appealing. Founded in 2015 in Monaco, a city-state that’s a true motorsport Mecca, Mongrip makes jewellery and bracelets made from authentic used F1 and GT race tyres, making each piece intimately connected to the world’s most glamorous sport.

mongrip zenith

Their main line of bracelets are named after different turns of the famous Circuit de Monaco, home of the Monaco Grand Prix: think Mirabeau, Rascasse, Tabak and Portier. They feature clasps made from either silver or steel and 18ct gold. I can’t think of a better bracelet to pair with a racing chronograph.

mongrip schumacher

They’ve also just released a limited edition series of bracelets made from tyres used by the legendary Michael Schumacher during the 1996 Italian Grand Prix at Monza, his first win at the track and a momentous win for Ferrari. This limited edition consists of 91 bracelets as a celebration of Schumacher’s victories, with a 950 platinum clasp with 7 diamonds that pay tribute to his 7 world championship titles. Part of the proceeds from these bracelets will be used to support the charitable work of Keep Fighting Foundation, a charity founded by his friends and family.

mongrip senna

Mongrip has also produced a similar limited edition made from tyres used by the equally beloved Ayrton Senna during the 1993 European Grand Prix at Donington Park, which features an 18ct gold clasp with the Senna “S” logo, with proceeds from that watch going towards the educational programs of the Ayrton Senna Institute.

Mongrip bracelets are available online, with pricing starting at €135 for GT tyre models and €270 for F1 tyre models. Find out more here.