LIST: Tudor’s 4 brand ambassadors, and the watches they wear LIST: Tudor’s 4 brand ambassadors, and the watches they wear

LIST: Tudor’s 4 brand ambassadors, and the watches they wear

Andy Green

As 2018 comes to a close, we thought it appropriate to look back at one of our favourite brands — Tudor, who’ve had a noteworthy few years, especially in the ambassador department. It’s particularly interesting to reflect on, given the fact that until recently the brand never really played the ambassador game. Now that they’ve got a handful, here’s what we think …

David Beckham

Tudor’s first brand ambassador, David Beckham, took the watch world by surprise. Many questioned the move, but once the dust settled, it made complete sense. Although now a retired athlete, Beckham truly is a worldwide icon with a solid reputation.

Tudor was looking for an ambassador with global reach and recognition, one who lived up to their values and was known for excelling in their chosen field. This strategic move was undoubtedly a good one, and although years into his retirement from soccer, there’s no arguing that Beckham ticks all those boxes.

Beckham wears the Tudor Black Bay Chrono, the Black Bay S&G and, most recently, the Glamour Double Date. Being Tudor’s biggest ambassador, it makes sense to have him across core pieces and new releases. That being said, the Black Bay S&G certainly suits his tattooed wrists, especially on the fabric strap.

Lady Gaga

Tudor added to their roster of ambassadors later in 2017 with the addition of pop icon Lady Gaga as the global face of their #BornToDare campaign. At the time, this truly was a daring move from Tudor, and as far as ambassadors go, certainly an edgier choice.

Engaging Gaga as an ambassador has allowed Tudor to leverage her global influence, especially amongst women, and the LGBTI community.

Gaga wears the Black Bay Heritage Red with a red fabric strap, as well as the black and blue dialled Black Bay 36 models, and has shown that the Black Bay pieces can be rocked by women with aplomb. This safe but smart choice breaks down the barriers of masculinity in watches, and at the same time demonstrates the versatility of the collection.

The All Blacks and Beauden Barrett

When Tudor announced their sponsorship of New Zealand’s iconic national rugby team – the All Blacks – back in 2017, it was a bit of an unexpected move. After all, an iconic Swiss watch brand sponsoring New Zealand’s national rugby team certainly seemed like an unusual pairing.

The partnership makes a lot of sense, given the global appeal of the sport, and the All Blacks’ dominance of the Rugby World Cup. The All Blacks are one of the most respected, powerful and successful sports franchises in the world – with family appeal. More recently they’ve singled out Beauden Barrett, one of the game’s most talented young players.

Beauden and the All Blacks are known for their toughness, reliability and effectiveness – which is why they’re the perfect sporting partner for a brand like Tudor and a watch like the Black Bay Dark. The alignment with their 2016 Black Bay Dark model was almost perfect. It’s the watch the team wear.

The unwavering fearlessness of the All Blacks certainly lives up to Tudor’s Born to Dare slogan.

Jay Chou

The brand’s most recent ambassadorship came earlier this year, with the addition of Taiwanese musician Jay Chou. Jay wears the Tudor 1926, which Tudor released in tandem with the announcement of the partnership.  The Tudor 1926 blends both modern and classical design while remaining elegant, refined and, of course, excellent quality. These traits are undoubtedly shared with Chou, and makes for a great pairing.

Admittedly, our knowledge of Chou was limited, but as we learn more about his upbringing, career and philanthropic works, it’s pretty clear he fits the brief and makes an excellent Tudor ambassador.