LIST: Our top 11 watches from Basel 2017, in pictures LIST: Our top 11 watches from Basel 2017, in pictures

LIST: Our top 11 watches from Basel 2017, in pictures

Felix Scholz

Last week we published a video of our top picks from Baselworld 2017. We filmed it in a pretty sleep-deprived state towards the end of the fair, with the thought of dropping a list while the watches were still hot. If you haven’t seen it, we’ve embedded it at the end of this story. (We hope you’ll enjoy a watch-related chuckle at our expense.) But we understand that not everyone has the time or headphones for video. So if you prefer your images still instead of moving, here are our 11 favourites in all their glorious, technicolour detail. Enjoy.

Seiko Presage Cocktail Time

Andrew says: This is the most unexpected thing in the list. Because I like the Cocktail Time! One of our team members told us in a post titled, unambiguously, No Submariners With Black Tie, that we have to have a different watch for black tie. For me, this is it. The dial is insane – it’s for a confident man (or woman), because it’s a dressy watch.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller

Andrew says: I fell hard, not only for its beauty, but also its brains. We have one of the most complicated Rolexes for what’s simply a very good price.

Omega Railmaster

Felix says: It’s got everything I want in a watch: a vintage look; not too big; classic; dressy; versatile and chronometer-certified. It’s the complete package and, honestly, in the sort of environment we’re seeing right now, it’s at the right price.

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic

Andrew says: The reason this watch has captured my imagination is that really thin watches are usually the preserve of high end horology, and are typically only found in precious metals. This is in titanium and it’s at a 13,000 Swiss franc price point, bringing really thin watches to the people.

TAG Heuer Autavia

Felix says: It was designed by the people, and the people got it right! Based on a 1966 ‘Rindt’ design, it has an inverse panda dial, GMT bezel and camel strap. The best thing about it though is that the CH80 (movement), which we thought would never see the light of day, has come back under the name Heuer-02.

Oris Chronoris Date

Felix says: My pick is the Chronoris Date. Not because it’s particularly amazing technically – and there’s nothing fancy in the materials… it simply looks very, very nice.

Longines Lindburgh Hour Angle Watch 90th Anniversary

Andrew says: Something isn’t adding up about this watch. There’s a zero missing from the number of pieces that have been released. Ninety! And it’s in steel. This is a watch that’s 5000 CHF or there abouts… That in itself is interesting.

Nomos Ahoi neomatik

Felix Says: Ahoi there! I’ve gone with the Ahoi neomatik. Not only has their not-so-sporty dive watch been integrated with their top-of-the-line neomatik technology, they’ve also done it in some pretty out there colours.

Patek Phillipe 5960/1A

Andrew says: The pick here is absolutely easy for me – the 5960 Annual Calendar chronograph. It’s just a sexy watch, and it’s been completely changed with a black dial.

Hublot Depeche Mode Watch

Andrew says: Seeing Depeche Mode moved me to wanting the Depeche Mode watch. Obviously it’s a cool looking watch, it’s connected to the band and it’s pretty metal to look at. Depeche Mode don’t do corporate gigs on principle, but they bent the rules for Hublot because they’re wrapping this message into Charity Water… with all of those factors combined, it just works.

Tudor Black Bay Steel

Felix says: The Black Bay Steel has stolen my heart! The rugged new look with the radially brushed inlaid steel bezel turns it into something completely different.

And if, by some cruel twist of fate, you managed to miss the actual video, and we’ve only whetted your appetite for what’s to come, here it is in all its Swiss glory.