ANNOUNCING: The Time+Tide Club, a membership with a whole lotta value, for watch lovers the world over ANNOUNCING: The Time+Tide Club, a membership with a whole lotta value, for watch lovers the world over

ANNOUNCING: The Time+Tide Club, a membership with a whole lotta value, for watch lovers the world over

Andrew McUtchen

Welcome to the Time+Tide Club, where you are a number — with an individually numbered Time+Tide x Erika’s Originals strap — and a member. Six years into the Time+Tide journey, we are introducing the Time+Tide Club, with one thing front of mind. To take the subscriber experience to a whole new level. Join up now at

Each Time+Tide x Erika’s Originals MN™ strap is engraved with a member number. The first batch is ltd to 500 straps.

And to give our most loyal friends, both Australian and international, some proper recognition. We know how long many of you have followed Time+Tide. “Since the beginning…” is a rallying call we hear at every event and fair. “Since 2014,” is usually thrown at us in a booming voice, too.

What do Club Members get for their money?

So, to brass tacks. What do club members get for their annual fee of $129 AUD per year (or $149 AUD — which is circa $100 USD — for international club members to cover shipping)?

  • A Time+Tide Club x Erika’s Originals MN™ strap – value, $120
  • A copy of NOW Magazine Buying Guide for 2019/2020 (shipping next week!) – value, $24.95 (+P&H)
  • Member pricing on the soon-to-be-launched Time+Tide Marketplace
  • Access to special deals and discounts
  • Access to Clubhouse events in Melbourne and Sydney 

Firstly, our equivalent of a bikie club vest – a 20mm Erika’s Originals MN™ strap, numbered based on when you joined the club, and in a design that will remain exclusive to Time+Tide forever. That’s right. This two-line strap design is our mark. Look, we love this thing. We’re psyched the design is ours forever. And we’re not the only ones. This from Erika op den Kelder, founder of Erika’s Originals:

“The way this strap turned out is really amazing. Everybody in the atelier is like, ‘This is really nice, it’s crazy.’ This design really is unique, and it’s Time+Tide. We are not going to do anything like this. The nice thing about projects like this is that we are able to make designs that add to the versatility of the MN™ strap. This is yours. It’s extremely recognisable as a Time+Tide strap.”

Each Time+Tide x Erika’s Originals MN™ strap is saddle-stitched by hand, which makes it “thousands of times stronger than any kind of stitching”, according to Erika.

Some more information about the strap

The 20mm strap is constructed of extra-thick lycra cord and nylon, a combination that breathes, regulates moisture and resists stretching over time. Synthetic straps, including most NATO straps, do not breathe at all because they are so tightly woven. The strap has two narrow orange stripes. Why orange? It’s a dive watch colour. We’re surrounded by sea down here. And damn, if it doesn’t look good on so many watches. You’ll be able to spot fellow Club members on the train or at the bar with ease. And the ultimate icebreaker is not just, “You’re Time+Tide?” It’s, “What number member are you?” Each Club membership is numbered from the time of joining. Your club number is engraved on the back of the clasp.

Your member number is engraved on the back of the clasp.

Currently, the numbers run to 500 – the first run of straps will appear as, for example, 097/500. Future runs will add a ‘0’. These numbers cannot be chosen or manipulated. Club members will receive special member prices on some products in our marketplace, and will get the jump on major releases throughout the coming year.

Members also receive a magazine subscription

Club members will also receive NOW Magazine as part of their annual subscription. This will be mailed to members from w/c November 18, 2019, ahead of a general release shortly after.

In addition, Club Members get Clubhouse privileges. Members will be invited to attend events in several Australian capital cities over the year. They will also likely have a bar away from home here in Melbourne when you drop into town over the coming year. Our showroom will be open on a more regular basis – the gin and watches will be flowing.

Why are we launching a club, when we already have more than 10,000 subscribers?

We want to be able to give more. We have read your stories, your emails, your comments over the years. Be it in surveys, DMs, or in the comments. We have spoken to you in person. You have raised the hair on our arms. Made us laugh. We know how much watches mean to you. And we are always flattered to hear that we mean something to you, too. Which is why we’re going large to make the Club something you want to be a part of.

Lastly, go into the draw to win a Doxa SUB 1200T

By nominating five friends to join you in the club when you sign up at … After signing up yourself, you simply provide the email addresses of five future members (they must opt in to become members, so we won’t be bugging them beyond one email to let them know they’ve been called up) and you can go into the draw to win a stunning, iconic, Doxa SUB 1200T. And then hope they follow through so you’ll have some buddies at the events through the year.

Doxa SUB 1200T

Want to give (or receive) Club membership?

You can do that too! Hit and you’ll see an option to Gift a membership. What a solid you could do for your fellow watch-loving friends right here … What a hint you could plant with anyone who struggles to buy for you!

Like every good thing, this club has taken some time to come to life. But now that it’s here, and now that we have our first year of Clublife to enjoy, I do hope you’ll join me and us in another big adventure.

Yours with a Negroni in hand to toast this glorious life and to all the watches, past, present and future that we love,
Andrew (Member 000)

Join the Club now at