RECOMMENDED WATCHING: Joe Rogan talks watches RECOMMENDED WATCHING: Joe Rogan talks watches

RECOMMENDED WATCHING: Joe Rogan talks watches

James Robinson

Unless you’ve been in hibernation for the last five years, or you’ve had a complete moratorium on any type of connection to the Internet, chances are you’ve heard about Joe Rogan and his podcast.

In fact, the comedian and former host of Fear Factor has such a large reach on the interwebs that his podcast has been listened to by hundreds of millions of people across the globe – it is unquestionably one of the most successful podcasts of all time.

And Rogan will talk about literally anything, and host guests from all walks of life, whether they be other comedians, celebrities, authors, journalists, professors, doctors … you name it, chances are he’s had them on the show.

Recommended watching: Joe Rogan talks watches
Mr Farah rocking a lovely solid yellow gold Rolex Submariner. Image:

Which brings me to why I’m writing this; you see, Rogan loves to talk about cars, and he’s had a fair few car journalists on his show in the past, one of whom is Matt Farah. And in addition to being a car journo, Farah is also a complete watch fanatic, and he even hosted his own podcast about watches called Watch and Listen.

So, of course, when Farah appeared on Rogan’s podcast, the topic of watches inevitably came up, and the two proceeded to talk about watches and watch collectors for a good 18 minutes.

So, if you’ve got the time, it’s definitely worth having a look. The keen-eyed among you may also notice that, while talking about Grand Seikos, Farah and Rogan watch a Time+Tide video that we made about the Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA211 ‘Snowflake’.