Jennifer Aniston has a far better watch collection than you do Jennifer Aniston has a far better watch collection than you do

Jennifer Aniston has a far better watch collection than you do

D.C. Hannay

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t need to impress anybody. A working television and film actress since the late 1980s (and more recently, a producer/director), she’s one of the most famous women in the world. She’s a deft comedic actress (including her role in one of my favourites, Office Space), and adept in serious dramatic roles as well. Her hall of fame CV is stellar, having won an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and two SAG Awards. She’s so famous, she has a haircut named after her most well-known character. Someone with her blinding level of star power can wear any damn thing she wants, which makes her tastefully understated watch collection all the more impressive. The watch press doesn’t give a ton of ink to women collectors, although, thank God, that seems to be changing. Frankly, a lot of celebrities play it pretty safe when it comes to their watch choices, or they just stick to the brand they represent, but Jen’s collection seems to have evolved with a bit more thought and consideration. For someone who has those insane Friends residuals and could buy whatever she cares to, she’s mostly steered clear of smaller or jewelled watches in favour of choosing her own path. Apart from her first watch (a Mickey Mouse model), her initial foray into serious timepieces was a vintage Rolex. It’s unclear which model she bought, but it was a significant purchase at the time, since she had yet to reap the financial rewards of those Friends benefits.

Jennifer Aniston

Jen has long been a Rolex fan, and was ahead of the curve in choosing bigger watches for smaller wrists. One of her most often-seen faves is a luxe classic, the 36mm Day-Date in yellow gold with champagne dial, with the characteristic President bracelet, but with an added twist: A smooth bezel, as opposed to the more commonly seen fluted variant. This may be the one that was gifted to her by a former paramour, guitarist John Mayer. In a bit of intrigue, some of Mayer’s watch purchases from that time may have been fakes, and a lawsuit against the dealer followed. No matter its past, the watch is clearly a favourite of Aniston’s, and since she’s continued to wear it often (seen here with ex-husband Justin Theroux), it’s doubtful that this Rolex isn’t the real deal. Jen’s also been spotted with stainless Datejusts, one with a white dial, and one in tasty salmon.

Jennifer Aniston

One of Aniston’s boldest timepieces is her customised blacked-out Rolex Milgauss, seen here at an event for Marley and Me with Owen Wilson. You can always bet on black for timeless style, and her Milgauss is a bit unusual, since the trademark green crystal has been swapped out for a clear one. With its 40mm case size and stealth-wealth looks, it’s a baller choice for anyone, and proves that Jen definitely marches to the beat of her own drum.

Jennifer Aniston

Lest you think that this queen of sitcom royalty is exclusively beholden to The Crown, Aniston isn’t afraid to follow different paths with her collection. Jen’s had at least two Cartiers on her wrist, including the Cartier Tank Solo worn in 2006’s The Breakup. It’s a timepiece with that classic Tank look, versatile enough for almost any setting.

Jennifer Aniston

She’s also been spotted with the now-discontinued stainless Roadster, a bolder choice with a curvaceous screwed bezel, substantial bracelet, and the cool integration of the date cyclops into the lines that extend to the prominent crown. The contours of the case really do evoke classic automotive design, and it’s a great, often overlooked Cartier.

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston now stars on the Apple TV+ series The Morning Show, and her character, morning news powerhouse Alex Levy, is a devoted fan of Chopard.

It’s an outside-the-box bit of placement, but a perfect fit for her character, with some bold references in Alex’s preferred rose gold, including the 40mm L.U.C XPS with small seconds, and the imposing 43mm L.U.C Regulator with GMT functionality, perfect for a girlboss of her stature.

And after Season 1’s turmoil, Alex has upped the ante in a big way for Season 2. Her choice? The mindblowingly epic 41mm Alpine Eagle in rose gold with blue dial. Chopard has really come up with a winner with the release of this Royal Oak killer, based on their St. Moritz integrated sports model from the ’80s. Setting aside the flawless execution of the case and bracelet, the real show is that uniquely textured blue dial, designed to evoke the appearance of said eagle’s eye. This gorgeous reference has a 60-hour COSC-certified movement, and its finishing is breathtaking.

The $50,000 retail price tag seems like a totally believable perk for a network anchor to gift herself, considering recent events in her life. And that’s a wrap, people.