INTRODUCING: The bold and blue Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary INTRODUCING: The bold and blue Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary

INTRODUCING: The bold and blue Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary

Nick Kenyon

Most brands enjoy celebrating anniversaries based around the centenary, but not Grand Seiko, and it actually makes sense. In watchmaking, the number 60 is significantly more important than 50, as it takes 60 seconds to make a minute, and 60 minutes to make an hour, as well as that in Japan the number 60 signifies the beginning of a new life cycle. As a result, the Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary is being celebrated with the release of a number of new limited editions. The brand has released four new references, and all are offered with stunning blue dials, the signature tone of Grand Seiko.

Heritage Collection Hi-Beat 36000 LE SBGH281

Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary

The hi-beat 36,000 automatic offers us a steel case that references an original Grand Seiko design from way back in 1967. It was seven years after Grand Seiko had been launched, and the watch manufacturer had employed designer Taro Tanaka to develop an aesthetic philosophy that would help Grand Seiko stand out from its competitors. He did so with The Grammar of Design, based on a series of rules he had developed over prior years, which made its design debut in the 44GS case shape, and lives on in this current limited edition. Limited to 1500 pieces, this 40mm steel sports watch delivers an accuracy of +5 to -3 seconds a day with 55-hour power reserve. Price: AUD $9000

Elegance Collection Women’s Automatic Limited Edition STGK015

Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary

Featuring an iridescent blue mother-of-pearl dial, the STGK015 strikes the balance between an elegant evening watch and a more everyday piece. With 45 diamonds running the circumference of the bezel and also forming the hour markers, it offers some sparkle in a slimline package. It is powered by the S927 automatic movement and is limited to 300 pieces. Price: AUD $14,200

Heritage Collection Quartz Limited Edition SBGP007

Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary

The SBGP007 is special not only because it is very, very accurate, but also because it features a new quartz movement from Grand Seiko. The new caliber 9F85 is accurate to ±5 seconds per year, and features an hour hand which can be adjusted independently from the minute hand, without stopping the seconds hand (which would impair accuracy). On the dial we have a bright red seconds hand, and a gold star at the 6 o’clock position that denotes its impressive accuracy. The SBGP007 is limited to 2500 pieces. Price: AUD $5700

Sport Collection Quartz Limited Edition SBGP015

Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary

Last, but certainly not least, is the most sporty of the bunch, which delivers a serious 200m of water resistance and magnetic resistance of 16,000 A/m. The 40mm steel case hides the caliber 9F85 rated to ± 10 seconds a year, and the radiant blue dial is enclosed by a charming navy-tone ceramic bezel. The SBGP015 is limited to 2000 pieces. Price AUD $5700