The new Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date Reed Green delivers more than your typical diver The new Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date Reed Green delivers more than your typical diver

The new Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date Reed Green delivers more than your typical diver

Zach Blass

The diver’s category, pun alert, is already saturated in the watch marketplace. Many of their design cues are quite fixed, as in order to be appealing, as well as meet the demands of the segment, they have to offer certain visual cues and functionality. But, leave it to the Germans to engineer a diver that delivers much of what we already love about a solid dive watch with distinct twists to separate it from the herd. Glashütte Original made headlines when they first introduced the SeaQ Panorama Date, bringing their signature Panorama Date window to a sports watch. Its smaller sibling, the SeaQ, has already been introduced in their attractive reed green shade. Today, the SeaQ Panorama Date joins in on the green party with the new Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date Reed Green.

Divers are typically utility-driven in design, so it makes sense that Glashütte Original opted to primarily brush the stainless-steel case. The front of the case has a rich concentric brush, and the case flanks a linear brush, but a hint of polish is injected through the bevelled shoulders of the lugs. The geometry is quite faceted, with the lugs squared off and the case almost completely flat where the strap or bracelet meets the case.

A contentious aspect of this collection, depending on your wrist size and preference, is its larger size. The SeaQ Panorama Date clocks in at 43.2mm in diameter, 15.65mm thick, so, for reference, it is a millimetre wider than an Omega Seamaster 300M and around two millimetres thicker. But, the SeaQ Panorama Date carries a lug-to-lug of 51.5mm, 1.5mm more than the Seamaster, so as far as a 43.2mm watch goes it remans rather reasonable across the wrist. My wrist is not much more than 6 inches in circumference, and I consider 50mm to be my personal upper limit, so the reality is that the average wrist can comfortably sport this 300m water-resistant diver, with a screw-down crown I should add, without issue. Framing the dial is a well-knurled and ceramic inlaid bezel, with a full timing scale, that detents every half-minute in its uni-directional rotation.

Visually speaking, the dial of the SeaQ Panorama Date stands out from other divers we see with large and legible alternating applied Arabic numerals that sandwich applied indices. But this is nothing new to the brand. In fact, when you look at the original Spezimatic diver from 1969 that it was inspired by, the case profile and dial aesthetic is largely the same. I am not accusing the brand of a boring rehash, but rather it is an intriguing revitalisation of a distinguished design that is decades old. It is a testament to their German sensibilities, and their efforts to not simply reproduce what their Swiss counterparts create. Now, green has received a lot of airtime over the past year or so. So if a brand is going to go green, it has to be executed just right to stand out. Their reed green shade, in my opinion, delivers one of the best green hues you can find – not too bright, nor too dark. I also enjoy its matte and grained lacquered finish, which will limit the amount of reflection the dial gives off – maintaining a high degree of legibility a diver deserves. Nonetheless, it remains dynamic – darkening and brightening depending on the light and angle.

SeaQ Panorama Date

A final note on the subject of legibility, you will be glad to know that each of the applied indicators and central hands are filled with SuperLuminova® to ensure visibility in darkness. There is one final aspect I have yet to touch on though, and it is the most distinguished element of the watch: the date complication. Situated at the 4:30 position is Glashütte Original’s signature Panorama Date window, which utilizes two discs to convey the digits of the calendar date. On the 10th, 20th, and 30th (if applicable) day of the month, it is extremely satisfying to watch both discs flip over. And, better yet, the discs are white on green, so they perfectly blend into the dial.

The SeaQ Panorama Date Reed Green, like its predecessors, is offered on a variety of strap options. At your disposal, you have a stainless-steel bracelet, khaki-grey synthetic fabric strap, and green tropical rubber strap to choose from.

SeaQ Panorama Date

Compared to its case, the steel bracelet dresses things up a bit through mixed finishes on its three-piece links. The broader central link is mirror polished, while the narrower shouldering links have a rich vertical brush. As for the strap options, each, the synthetic and rubber, have two clasp configurations. Depending on your preference, you can opt for a standard pin/buckle system or a deployant folding clasp.

Arguably the most appealing aspect of the SeaQ Panorama Date is the fact you can see the in-house automatic calibre 36-13 beneath its exhibition caseback, because it is very easy on the eyes. As a German watch, you are treated to traditional German movement design. A 3/4 bridge plate covers the majority of the components beneath it, but utilisation of this traditional German architecture aids in protecting the movement from shock and it does boast nicely applied striping and thin bevels to its outer edges. Some would prefer a full balance bridge, in favour of the traditional balance cock, but all is forgiven considering it is exquisitely black-polished – and that is not all in terms of high-end finishing. Its screws are polished and fired blue, the main plate circularly grained, and its openworked rotor carries a 21k gold mass. While traditionally executed and wonderfully finished, it is also quite rugged too. The calibre is “bayonet mounted” into the case, anchoring it to afford greater shock-resistance for the movement and it is adjusted in six positions to ensure greater accuracy and timing over the course of wear. The escapement also utilizes a silicon hairspring, so it is a highly anti-magnetic calibre as well. Now you may be wondering how long this beaut of a calibre can run. The answer: it has a power reserve of 100 hours. So, yeah, *mic-drop*.

The moral of the story: if you can get past its size and thickness, the SeaQ Panorama Date Reed Green diver is a distinct, exciting, and visually attractive way to join in on thus rather saturated colour trend and category.

Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date Reed Green pricing and availability:

SeaQ Panorama Date

The Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date Reed Green is available starting in March 2022 from official Glashütte Original Boutiques and selected authorised retailers worldwide. Price: $11,200 USD (synthetic/rubber strap with pin/buckle), $11,500 USD (synthetic/rubber strap with folding clasp) / $12,400 USD (bracelet)

Case Material Stainless steel
Dimensions 43.2mm x 15.65mm x 51.5mm
Water-Resistance 300m, screw-down crown
Dial Lacquered “Reed Green”
Straps steel bracelet, synthetic, or rubber
Movement In-house calibre 36-13
Power Reserve 100 hours
Complications Time, Panorama Date
Availability Will be available in March 2022
Price Starting at $11,200 USD