INTRODUCING: An exclusive space odyssey with the Dial Artist x Bamford Cosmic Rainbow. INTRODUCING: An exclusive space odyssey with the Dial Artist x Bamford Cosmic Rainbow.

INTRODUCING: An exclusive space odyssey with the Dial Artist x Bamford Cosmic Rainbow.

Thor Svaboe

The line between watch journalist and collector sometimes blurs. My interview with Chris Alexander (@thedialartist), a creative designer with a growing sideline in watch modification, inspired me to take urgent action. Chris’ abstract art that transforms dials from G-Shocks to Speedmasters, seriously struck a chord, eventually leading to this hot drop today.

While researching his successful Galaxy Casioak series, I fell in love with Chris’ deep space vibe.  I started talking to him about a commission of my own, a project that quickly spiralled into something bigger, leading to the Dial Artist x Bamford Cosmic Rainbow being launched today.

Through my love for the first Time+Tide collab with The Bamford Watch Department, the creative hive of George Bamford was a natural choice for my base model to modify. I’ve always had a penchant for their dark, tough-as-nails, in-house Mayfair series and, after a few creative discussions with Chris and Bamford, a secret project began as a couple of dials were dispatched to the Dial Artist’s creative hub.

The fresh pops of Bamford’s signature aqua blue accents on the black Mayfair dial in a black MGTC (military-grade titanium case) on a rubber strap is a damn cool piece of wristwear on its own. But Chris’ art takes it to another level of intergalactic pomp. 

The Bamford Mayfair started life as a service watch for clients to borrow while they had custom work done on the piece they were having modified. But with its tough 40mm sports case it was only a matter of time before someone insisted on buying it rather than handing it back. This black mil.spec watch has a chunky 15mm thickness due to its domed sapphire crystal, creating those charming fish-eye like distortions at odd angles. With a solid Swiss 715 quartz movement from Ronda, it is a short-lugged piece of tank-like comfort.

The bottom half of the case is both slim and dynamically ergonomic in its curved shape, and the case has the quirky-tough asymmetric diver’s tool look. The satin-black case has a weapon-like right hand case side as it sweeps out to become de facto crown guards, while the silky black finish is as tactile as it seems unbreakable. At less than 400GBP and with a 100m depth rating, the Mayfair is a damn cool value proposition for a tough, throw-it-on sports watch with an instantly distinctive look. 

The range has exponentially become Bamford’s largest in-house range. I’d say the rubber strap it comes on is rather thick, but it’s superbly comfortable, with a relief pattern on the back to save your wrist from clamminess on the warmest days. Once again, it feels In.De.Structible.

And what a damn cool minimalist backdrop if offers for Chris’ magic touch. Chris and Bamford are collaborating to make 100 pieces, each of which will be one-off works of art, hand-finished with the speckled universe of stars and planets. Within the deep dial of the black Mayfair case, the domed sapphire crystal takes on the role of a spaceship’s porthole, viewing the solar system popping out from the aqua blue-encircled darkness.

The red, aqua blue and pink hands take on the roles of errant spaceships exploring the galactic stage. The Dial Artist x Bamford Cosmic Rainbow is literally the wristwatch as art, the Mayfair case offering the wearer a mesmerising look into deep space.

The Dial Artist x Bamford Cosmic Rainbow, price and availability:

The Dial Artist x Bamford Cosmic Rainbow is 650 GBP and limited to 100 pieces.

For more details, visit The Bamford Watch Department, you might have to be quick..