Have watch will travel – 5 GMTs under $5K that are ready to hit the road Have watch will travel – 5 GMTs under $5K that are ready to hit the road

Have watch will travel – 5 GMTs under $5K that are ready to hit the road

Felix Scholz

Watches with complications — like the chronograph, moonphase or, in this case, the GMT — are less about practical function and more about possibility. Sure, these watches are designed to excel on the road (or in the air for that matter), but for most wearers, that is an infrequent reality. Still, the possibility of far-off places is enough for many people to fall in love with the GMT complication. It’s also a complication that doesn’t have to break the bank, something these five watches can attest to. 

Grand Seiko SBGN003


You can make a strong case for this plucky Grand Seiko being one of the greatest GMTs period, regardless of price point. The style is classic sport, and the 39mm case (that isn’t too tall at 12.1mm) is super wearable. Truly versatile and it’s also rocking one of the coolest quartz (!) movements in the business, the mighty 9F. $4400

Montblanc Heritage GMT 

Here’s a watch that bucks the perception that a GMT has to be sporty. This handsome salmon-dialled fella puts the style in ‘travel in style’, with a 40mm case, gorgeous grey gator strap and that aforementioned dial, which is sophisticated and full of surprising textures. The blue details really provide some pleasing contrast, too. $4280

Longines Conquest  V.H.P. GMT

Another cool quartz entrant to the list, this one not only offers a level of robustness and reliability that you really want in a travel watch, but it also packs some cool tech, which you can learn about here. My pick would be the rubber strap, in whatever colour you prefer, though you can’t go past black. $1875

Seiko Astron SSH001J1

Yup, another quartz watch. But really, this is so much more than that. Astron, named for Seiko’s OG quartz watch, is a mighty impressive, solar-powered, satellite-speaking piece of wrist kit. And sure, it tells you a second time zone, but it also has a laundry list of other features as long as your arm. And while this means you definitely want to read the manual, this 5X generation is more wearable than ever at 42.9mm across, especially in titanium.  $3500

Sinn 856 UTC 

Last, but most certainly not least, is the Sinn 856. To not include a Sinn on a list of well-priced GMTs would be, well, a pity (please note how I avoided the obvious pun). And the 856 UTC, while it’s not new, is an absolute belter. Pilot style, in a supremely practical package. $2870