HANDS-ON: The Sinn 104 St Sa I W HANDS-ON: The Sinn 104 St Sa I W

HANDS-ON: The Sinn 104 St Sa I W

Cameron Wong

Famous for their formidable and over-engineered designs — which range from technically advanced mission timers to hardcore divers made of submarine steel — Sinn are arguably the most renowned tool watch manufacturer in the industry. However, the German company also hosts a suite of dressier pieces that are better suited to a boardroom than a war room. Meeting somewhere in the middle is the Sinn 104. A professionally capable pilot’s watch that is equally at home outside of the cockpit – be it in the office or on the street. And at the beginning of this year, Sinn added to the 104 collection with a revised glossy white dial.

The most crucial feature of any pilot’s watch is how easy it is to read – especially in low light conditions – and the 104 is about as legible as they come. With an enamel-like finish, the dial keeps the same markings as the original. Only this time the rectangular hour markers and syringe-style hands are outlined in black, creating a sharp contrast against the white, and increasing the at-a-glance charm of the 104. Within those black outlines is a coating of slightly off-white lume. Although it won’t be winning any #lumebattles, in the low light of say a cockpit (or an office supplies closet) the glow helps the hands and markers jump out from the dial.

On paper, the 41mm case is all tool watch – straight lines, crown guards, and a conventional no-fuss shape. However, because of the high polish finish, it projects a certain everyday smartness. Measuring 11.5mm thick, it also slides easily under a shirt cuff and the sharply angled and chamfered edged lugs make it sit comfortably against the wrist. Everything is also kept watertight to 200m, thanks largely to the screw down crown.

Remember earlier when I mentioned Sinn’s remarkable over-engineered designs? Well, the 104 is no different. Using their patented captive bezel technology, the bi-directional bezel attaches to the case via four screws around the outside – instead of the usual push and click system. This means it won’t easily pop off when bumped or knocked. Sinn make some of the toughest watches on the market, and the 104 can certainly take a beating. Also, unlike the more common dive watch bezel, the scale on the 104 counts down from 60 minutes to 0, instead of up. Simply set the minute hand to the desired minute and when it reaches zero you know your time is up.

On the inside is the Sellita SW 220-1 movement with a 38-hour power reserve. It’s shock resistant, antimagnetic, and visible through a sapphire crystal case back. Showing off another technical side of the 104. However, like the rest of the watch there is a melding of function and good looks. With a Geneva striped gold rotor adding a small flourish of colour and style. The glossy white dial makes this new 104 a fresh and bright addition to the best of both worlds Sinn family.

Sinn 104 St Sa I W Australian pricing

Sinn 104 St Sa I W, $1850