Great ‘Grams: A tennis superstar, a unique Rolex Great ‘Grams: A tennis superstar, a unique Rolex

Great ‘Grams: A tennis superstar, a unique Rolex

Nick Kenyon

This week on Great ’Grams, we’ve got a tennis superstar, a fully custom wristwatch by George Daniels, and a southpaw Rolex Day-Date, and more. The tennis superstar in question is none other than Gaël Monfils, who this week posted about a new Instagram account he has started ( that will focus specifically on his watch collection. In his post announcing the account, he was wearing what appears to be a Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Regulator 5235G, a watch that is as unusual as it is under-appreciated, and certainly a piece that requires an immersion in the world of Patek Philippe before it can be fully understood. Gaël has been involved in the watch industry over the last few years as a GPHG jury member, and has shown the depth of his collection by posting pieces by both Patek Philippe and F.P. Journe, gathering almost 2000 followers in just four days. While it’s common for tennis players to publicly wear rare and expensive watches, it’s less common to see a tennis player wearing a watch that isn’t on their wrist through a sponsorship arrangement of some form, so it’s fantastic for a champion to publicly support the watch industry more broadly.

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I have always had a passion for watches while growing up. I see watchmakers as true artists who always need the find the balance that will allow a watch to be both beautiful and useful. As a collector myself, I have been fortunate enough to visit manufactures and learn more about this exceptional world of art and precision. I could spend hours trying to understand what is behind the mechanism of a watch. Over the last two years, I saw my passion rewarded by becoming a member of the jury at the Grand Prix de l’horlogerie in Geneva, Switzerland. My passion has no limits which is why I have decided to start this blog and share with you what makes the watch industry such a fascinating world where art meets high precision.

An exceptional athlete, with exceptional taste in watches.


Image: @rogerwsmithltd

One of only four fully custom wristwatches by George Daniels, and Roger’s first fully hand-crafted wristwatch, the importance of “The Blue” in British horology is reflected in an exceptional price. The end of the decade gained even more significance for Roger during the closing weeks of 2019, with the curation and sale of the famously elusive tourbillon wristwatch “The Blue” by A Collected Man. To read more please click on the bio link…

A custom wristwatch by one of the most important watchmakers of the last century is a very special thing indeed, and it’s a rare occasion when one comes up for sale. The recent sale of this George Daniels “The Blue” was facilitated by London-based dealer A Collected Man, fetching £1 million, and solidifying the importance of this watch in the context of contemporary independent watchmaking.


Image: @simoncsfeir

The father/son team behind the @simoncsfeir account show a collection that includes some of the most remarkable watches ever produced. Period. Take this Rolex Day-Date ref. 1806, in white gold with diamond indexes and “Stella” dial, produced in 1969. All of these factors make it an incredibly desirable example of a Day-Date; however, with the crown on the left side of the case, it becomes the only known example of a left-handed Day-Date watch. I’ll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor.


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1962 5512 quarter Arabic dial … 369 game is strong !!

Australian-based collector Jed Mccormac showing us that when it comes to balance and proportion in watch design, vintage Rolex is one of the best.


Image: @nicedily

Tudor Submariner 79090

When you look at photos of watches for a good portion of your waking hours, great photos easily stand out. This crisp shot of a Tudor Submariner is one of those great photos, highlighting the richness of the blue dial and bezel, and the sharp brushed finishing on the case and bracelet.