FRIDAY WIND DOWN: How I learned to stop worrying and love watchspotting FRIDAY WIND DOWN: How I learned to stop worrying and love watchspotting

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: How I learned to stop worrying and love watchspotting

Zach Blass

When I first joined the Time+Tide team, I was given the remit of doing some occasional “watchspotting”. I confess that I wasn’t particularly enthused at this prospect of scrutinising pics of famous actors, musicians and athletes in order to identify whether they just so happened to be wearing a noteworthy watch. In fact, I was a bit sceptical. As a self-acknowledged watch nerd, what I’m always itching to know is the specifications, the finishes, the calibers. I’m often guilty of being more interested in what makes the watch literally tick than the surrounding context. But after a month or so passed, I began to realise the value of watchspotting.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Being pretty evangelical about watches I’m constantly trying to make them more accessible so that other people can enjoy them, too. I don’t just want to speak to the existing watch community, I want to help it to grow. Pop culture, or in this instance watchspotting, offers another entry point into what can be an intimidating world.

Conor McGregor Justin Bieber Rolex

Plus, I can’t deny that I do pause my TV screen every time a watch comes into view, not just from professional but personal curiosity. If you’re interested in watches, chances are you’ll also want to have a peak at what a celebrity with a practically unlimited budget chooses to put on his or her wrist.

Oscar Issac

Ultimately, what we aim to do with our content on Time+Tide is to provide editorial diversity. We strive to switch things up with a fresh mix of reviews, analysis, videos, industry news and personal tales in an attempt to surprise and delight you on a daily basis. We want to empower our readers to buy watches with greater confidence but also to enjoy them in all different forms. If celebrity watchspots aren’t for you, feel free to scroll up or down because I am confident that the other articles that sandwich that story will be very different.

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Watch meme of the week: Brodinkee and Speedmasters


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With the recent discontinuation of the 1861 powered Omega Speedmasters in favour of the more expensive next generation of 3861 co-axial Speedmasters, an inevitable market fluctuation has occurred and collectors, and meme makers, have clearly began to take notice. While rich with heritage and rooted in NASA history, the Speedmaster has always been appreciated by watch enthusiasts and collectors. But it’s standing power paled in comparison to the retail-illusive Rolex Daytona. The Speedmaster, for many, was a value buy pre-owned – a watch for those in the know to capitalize on its depreciation.

Now that the next and more expensive generation is here, people have finally woken up to the value of the previous generation. This has caused secondhand prices to climb a bit, meaning we no longer live in a world where buying a Speedmaster used means you can get one at a dramatically lower price. It’s a great example of why you may want to pause the investor mentality when buying or selling a watch. Today’s bargain could be tomorrow’s premium, food for thought. Perhaps we will explore this market phenomenon in the coming weeks.

Wrist shot of the week: Daniela Dufour completes her first Simplicity!


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The irrefutable wrist shot of the week, Daniela Dufour, daughter of the famed Philippe Dufour, took to Instagram to reveal she had completed her first Simplicity watch. A recent graduate of watchmaking school, the promising young watchmaker conveys that there is a clear plan of action to keeping Dufour method watches alive. It really is incredible to see the art and business remain in the family, as well as witness the culmination of years of study and technical practice.

Daniela captioned the image: “I have the privilege to show you MY first Simplicity. That watch represents for me the end of my studies and the beginning of a new Era. I’ll wear it with pride and never thank my dad enough for teaching me a little of his art and knowledge. The road is now ahead of me. To me to continue to progress. ❤️”.

I could not be more jealous of her talent and her new watch!

Recommended viewing of the week: Philippe and Daniela Dufour on The Watches TV

On the subject of Dufour, this is the kind of watch content the die-hards of the community guzzle up. Anytime Philippe Dufour takes the mic a room of horology enthusiasts gets quiet, eager to hear the words of wisdom the legendary watchmaker shares. Here, in an interview with Marc André Deschoux, Dufour takes the opportunity to set the record straight – elaborating on his journey to becoming an independent watchmaker, debunking misleading comments on his achievements, who is control of what for the manufacturer and family business, as well as a major status update for his daughter Daniela and her role in manufacturing Dufour watches. Honestly, Daniela totally steals the show with her candour and vulnerability. She expresses the challenges of being Philippe’s daughter in relation to her journey to be a watchmaker, as well as confronting societal and industry expectations. I am being vague because you really should hear it all from the pair themselves, so definitely take a moment to crack open a beer, pour a glass of whiskey, or brew a cup of coffee and watch this insightful interview.

My favourite T+T coverage of the week

Knowledge is power: 5 things we wish all watch brands told us

A picture might be able to tell a thousand words, but there’s still no substitute for evaluating a watch in the metal. Increasingly, however, many of us buy our watches online, so trying on a watch is often not an option prior to purchase. That’s why at Time+Tide we believe that brands need to start offering certain info to help a consumer buy with great confidence. So the editorial team came together for 5 things we wish all watch brands told us.

VIDEO: The Rolex Submariner vs the Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight Bronze

The other day in the Time+Tide office, Andrew happened to be wearing his brand new Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze while Matt’s trusty Rolex Submariner 114060 was dangling from his wrist. So they decided to put their two watches head to head for a video versus matchup. Click here to watch the head to head battle.

Three big questions raised by the sale of the green dial steel Nautilus for half a million US dollars. What are your answers?

green dial steel nautilus

The watch community hit peak frustration last week, irked by the sale of a still-sealed, green dial steel Nautilus for $490,000 USD. But Zach took a step back and posed three big questions we all need to consider before we rush to grab our pitchforks. Check out the story here, and let us know if you have the answers