FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Wiz Khalifa vs Mia Khalifa, Seiko Spring Drive, and the launch of the first Tudor Boutique in Australia FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Wiz Khalifa vs Mia Khalifa, Seiko Spring Drive, and the launch of the first Tudor Boutique in Australia

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Wiz Khalifa vs Mia Khalifa, Seiko Spring Drive, and the launch of the first Tudor Boutique in Australia

Zach Blass

Who is your pick: Roger, Mandy, Dudley or Julianne? I’m asking, of course, about who is your favourite celebrity with the surname “Moore” (Roger is the correct answer, of course). But this idle pub game received a horological twist in the Time+Tide office this week, when the team spotted two well-known and entirely unrelated personalities with the same name who also happen to share a penchant for Rolex. Naturally, the next step was to have a showdown of who wore it best.

Former adult entertainment actress turned megastar Mia Khalifa exhibits surprising restraint with two Rolex Datejust watches, a classic that really cannot look bad on anyone’s wrist – especially in 36mm sizing.

Mia Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa, on the other hand, was spotted in Architectural Digest wearing a classic Rolex Day-Date in yellow gold with a black dial outfitted with diamond Roman numerals. While you might have expected an entirely bussed down Rolex from the acclaimed rapper, Wiz keeps things understated – at least for a superstar musician.

Wiz Khalifa
Image: Architectural Digest

In other news, we had a deep dive back into Spring Drive, and rediscovered that its origins began not in Grand Seiko, but in Seiko. And also that Seiko Spring Drive models still exist, if you know where to look…

Lastly, we’re going to tantalise you once again (it may not be the last time, too) with more details around the frustratingly hard-to-get Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze Boutique Edition. The launch of this watch happened to time in with the launch of Australia’s first ever Tudor Boutique – coincidence? You decide. The hypebeasts don’t stop there – what would a month with the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 be like? Wonder no more, our new New York contributor Ricardo Simé answers all the questions you could possibly have.

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Exploring the past and present of Seiko Spring Drive

Do you typically associate Spring Drive with Grand Seiko? We don’t blame you, as they do have the largest current catalogue of Spring Drive powered watches. But the truth is the technology was commercially launched by Seiko and Credor in 1999 through multiple JDM limited editions. Since its launch, Seiko continues to produce Spring Drive watches and this week we compiled a list of seven references, past and present, that you should know about – like the Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk (which, yes, actually went into space) and the Hulk-tastic Seiko SNR045.

First Tudor boutique in Australia opens with the launch of the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze

Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze

Recently Tudor launched their first boutique in Australia while at the same time unveiling another eye-catching new model – the Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze. The new Melbourne store at 257 Collins Street, is one of the 50 Tudor boutiques in the world where you can purchase the new bronze beauty. If you are wondering where the others are located, or just want more information on the new Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze, we have all the answers right here.

Going a month on the wrist with the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

Our latest contributor Ricardo Sime walks us through the highlights of wearing and owning the value-driven Tissot PRX Powermatic 80. He makes the case that snobbery and ignorance may attempt to diminish conglomerate brand releases, but when you really get down to brass tacks with the specifications, the value of the offering on paper is undeniable. With a stunning Cloud de Paris dial, 80 hours of power reserve, an on-trend stainless steel integrated design, and 100 metres of water resistance it is quite astounding it will only set you back $650 USD / $1,050 AUD.